Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working Class Tories

The break down of votes among the categories below A/B in 2010 were as follows ( IPSOS MORI)
C1 (Lower Middle class) Con lead Labour by 11%
C2 ( skilled working class )Con Lead Labour by 8%
D/E ( unskilled and subsistence ) Lab lead Con by 10%
This is better for the Conservatives but not dramatically so than 2005.
Look at it another way
Mortgaged Con lead Labour by 7%
Private Renter Con lead Labour by 6%
Social Renter Labour lead Con by 23%
( in 2005 it was 31%)
In the South outside London however you have an extreme example of working class disenchantment with New Labour . In this area D/Es are only a quarter of the elecorate whereas C1s and C2s are half and it is among C1s and C2s that New Labour have all but disappeared. Most interesting are the attitudes on individual issues . It was this polling information that had an impact on David Millibands campaign,.( From Southern Discomfort )
These voters said Labour was close to benefit claimants , trade Unions , immigrants but distant from the South and especially home owners
Voters in the South no longer regard Labour as the Party of fairness many say they get"Nothing" from government.
Conservatives are trusted on every major competence question
To run the economy Con 44% Lab 16%
To reduce the deficit Con 51% Lab 12%
To cut spending fairly 27% to 16%
On achieving greater equality and social mobility 22% to 16%
47% of voters believe Labour spending was largely wasted


Raedwald said...

Thanks Newms - bookmarked for future reference

Newmania said...

Salutations R,I just keep stuff here now I might want to rely on in future silly arguments

All the best

Philipa said...

Hi Newms, just wanted to pop by and say hello, I can't drum up the enthusiasm for blogging. I think Mr Ed getting the Labour leadership has just about destroyed what was left of my hope that anything in politics had some remnant of sanity. Remember, where politics is concerned there ain't no sanity clause.

I'm pleased to have encountered Hopi Sen tho, seems a good guy.

Newmania said...

He is P I don not blog either just keep stuff

asquith said...
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asquith said...

The funny thing is, as well, Labour actually treated immigrants & benefits claimants like dirt. They would abuse anyone if they thought it would get them support. Why else their vacillation over the Gurkhas if not because they thought their base would like it if they slagged off some brown people?

Then you've got the Crewe & Nantwich campaign, & the general tone of their authoritarianism, which I maintain was aimed at stopping their core voters defecting to the BNP by putting out a vaguely racist message. It's not like Blair or Brown ever gave a fuck, is it?

At the same time they actually didn't sort out the welfare or immigration systems. So what did they do, apart from divide us into blocs & then shaft every single sub-section of society there was?

I am looking at Denham's speech. He is right, there definitely are hardcore working-class people in the south-east & London. What gives me a fairly acceptable (albeit modest) life here in Stoke would probably leave me in deep poverty if I lived in some town in Hampshire.

Newmania said...

Yes but accomodation leaves you with much the same avaiable cash A

asquith said...

Yes, most southerners earn more even for the same kind of jobs so they are left with a similar disposable income after costs. But I imagine some people are getting a really good kicking if they're not, with rents & prices.

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