Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post Of Mine On Lewes Forum

Onan The Barbarian wrote:I `m a Conservative but I can`t help liking Norman Baker personally. He did not abuse the tax payer, au contraire,he uncovered waste everywhere from SEEDA to Chris Huhne`s taxi fares( tee hee). I have heard many tales of his efforts on behalf of people around here, so I can see his reputation as a great local MP is deserved.
He is a lot more than a local MP now though, and in a reversal of the usual state of affairs Lewes Liberals may be more important than they think they are. Our Norm currently occupies a pivotal role in a coalition bent on freeing us from debt and sclerotic socialism by shrinking the state. Me likee, but its a long way from Baker`s past as Beveridge Group radical left wing Liberal.
Lewes Liberals have struck me as more pinky green than Orange Bookers with their bossy booted meddling instincts and faddy obessions with foxes, feminsim and foreigners very much intact . So heres the point ...
The Coalition will soon come under presurre from deficit deniers and those in real distress as the cuts bite. Charles, ( hic ..) Kennedy was plausibly rumoured to be going over to the reds and Clegg is slithering down the Polls. An AV referendum will probably be lost ,Clegg has already prepared the ground , he will ,I gather, face an ordeal by fire at the Conference.
Baker is a senior figure ,his words count which means Lewes Liberals , to some extent hold the fate of the National in their sweaty palms .
So tell me any Liberals out there , have you really concieved an unnatural affection for we righties or are you wriggling like Pepe Le Pew`s amorous quarry? Are you going to stick with the programme or not ?
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