Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clegg on Fairness

Interesting stuff

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Page With A View said...

He's so hypocritical to try and weasel out of the IFS complaints. I actually agree cuts are needed but he should be honest that we just can't afford to go on as we were.

To try and sugarcoat it by claiming his war on benefits and the poor is all about helping poor people is patent balls.

He talks of getting people into work but ignores the fact there are only enough jobs for about 10% of the 5m+ on benefits.

And his government continues to allow uncontrolled immigration - a few hundred thousand more mouths to feed every year whether it be the immigrants themselves or the local workers displaced by cheaper imported labour.

If he told it as it is then I'd have more respect for him and the coalition but he is just spinning like a top.

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