Friday, August 20, 2010

Cane and Differently Abel

Loving the lack of fraternal feeling going on ( just about ) subtextually between Millibands . Why for example did little Ted have to tell us that when he is leader he will not work with Clegg.
He is saying something like this……
“ Look it might not be fashionable but I `m a socialist not an orange booker or a Liberal . I actually believe in an expanding state redistribution , nationalisation and yes , I`m awfully sorry but higher taxation if thats what it takes …but then I am not a triangulating Blairite only worried about middle England and grovelling America like certain other Millibands I could mention . Oh and while we are at it I am a tribal Labour man , I do bear a grudge , and if you ( the Labour Party) don’t like that then elect my slithering unprincipled Blairite brother or heck vote for David Cameron and have done with it .”

It will end in tears

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