Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blairite Sen Attacks Coalition Lies !

Top Labour attack puppy Hopi Sen is calling "pants on fire" on boy king David

DC -March 23rd 2010.-

We will protect key benefits for older people such as the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences, free bus travel, and free eye tests and prescriptions.�

Coalition Policy Programme, May 2010-

spending Mr Duncan Smith wants to pare back includes 2.7bn of winter fuel payments.

Shiny headed David may have overreacted to the scare -leaflets ( distributed by New Labour on the basis of pure invention ) but there is back story to this squabble .

In 1997 the Conservative Party were thinking about pensions And Peter Lilley published complex plans. Basic Pension Plus was intended to allow you to contract out of the BSP and put your rebate into a funded scheme, like the contracting out system for SERPS. There was a guarantee that you wouldn�t fall below a certain level of income, but the idea was indeed a shift away from the idea of a simple universal benefit. It was fair game fror criticism but Labour went for lies

Blair himself initially gave Lilley`s proposals an equivocal blessing.." In one sense , by opening up the debate they give the next government the chance to conduct the debate more sensibly .." he said at the time ( Times )Six weeks later he was happy to suggest that people would be left destitute ."There is no doubt that when up and running the purpose of this is to replace the basic state pension"

In the mess New Labour left us in "Protected" does not mean untouchable, the wealthiest in society ( The old) will inevitably come under pressure but when New Labour lied they wanted to terrify poor old people with the prospect of death from hypothermia . Hopi Sen knows this and colluded with it so he cannot preach to anyone about political honesty least of all on this subject

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