Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I Do Not Blog

This is us at Wakehurst in the Summer of 2010.
Hallo World


Raedwald said...

Nice to see you popping up on the feed, Mr N; congrats on the terrific looking family, and have fun!

Newmania said...


Blue Eyes said...

Mrs N is stunning! And the kids looks cute too.

Electro-Kevin said...

Famtastic !

I am so heartened by that and will now get off the pooter and go give my boys a hug. They're thirteen next year and will be beyond all that stuff soon.

It all goes so fast !

Auntie Flo' said...

What a gorgeous family you have, newms, even you look half decent :o)

So, these days you're more of a sprogger than a blogger!

Take care newmsies all, I'm sure ol' Pa newms 'll be back blogging again one day.

Newmania said...

ooo how nice didn`t think anyone was watching especially ..

Thanks and best wishes to all

Auntie Flo' said...

The Conservatives won my town, newms! My cup runneth like Niagra Falls.

I was invited for tea in the commons the other day, as a thank you for almost killing myself campaigning, and had a hilarious experience there.

I was met by a SpAd who led me onto the terrace while she went off to find my MP. Seeing a vaguely familiar face sitting all on his own, I moved to sit down there.

"Is it ok if we share your table?", I asked Mr Lonely.


"Does that mean yes?", I asked.

"if yer want", he grunted with a bored sigh.

I know you!", says I, "you're always shouting on telly, aren't you?". Mr Lonely's eyes flicked angrily back into his eye sockets before re-emerging to stare vacantly across the Thames: signalling me to shut up and beggar off, but I'm thick skinned, me.

"Isn't it lovely here!", I enthused.

"...'eeeere???", snorted Mr Lonely disdainfully. He'd clearly become oblivious to his beautiful working environment during his many privileged years in the commons.

"It's a darn sight lovelier than the sub cultural ghetto from hell I work in!", I told him, "Tell you what, how about a life swap? I'll spend a week here in political paradise while you spend a week in my estuary Essex hell hole, you can work in my office and help my MP in the evenings."

A smile, then a rare giggle ("He.......he..........he.........) broke across Mr Lonely's angry features and he came the nearest I imagine he has ever come to laughing: well, it's a serious business, being an icon of misery.

Just at that moment, my MP and two SpAds appeared in the doorway. I could swear I read spAd's lips saying "Bl**dy hell, why's she sitting with HIM?" as all three clocked my table sharer and visibly jerked to a shocked and involuntary standstill.

"Would you like to move to another...?", asked one spAd when they reached the table .

"No, it's good here", I said and, turning to Mr Lonely, told him: "I don't know why everyone calls you horrible names, I quite like you, you say what you think. Though you do sometimes get horribly carried away with yourself, don't you...?"

"You are not a monster, you're a pussy cat!"

Mr Lonely smiled and purred. My MP ducked down under the table. Two spAds sat open mouthed.

" or coffee?", asked a spAd, from the dark recesses beneath the table.

" I already 'ave tea, thank yooo", said the Beast of Bolsover.

Nick Drew said...

good man !

Steven_L said...

Come off it, if Brown had clinged onto No10 you'd still be bashing those keys in anger!

Nice to hear from you and glad everyone looks so well.

Newmania said...

Well how very nice ND Steven RK Blue Eyes .Did you really do that Flo ? Gosh .

Too tired to think usually , I do pester Hopi Sen a fair bit though,

asquith said...

Sound. I can't drive or afford trains but I have resumed my old policy of cycling. With any luck I'll be deep in Shropshire & Cheshire this weekend. But weather up north is completely shite this year, most days it's nearly as bad as 2009. Then we get random beautiful days in the middle of the week when it's no use because I'm at work.

You live quite close to the sea, do you do much of that?

Newmania said...

I was up to the old eyeballs in ghastly clerical stuff today but thankyou so much for kind comments, various, all of which cheered me up no end .

Yes I use a bike most days and in the past I have done a lot of it ...getting a bit fat now though

asquith said...

Glad to see you cycling. I wasn't very clear in that comment, I was trying to ask whether you're much into beaches/swimming. It's too far to go for me, the nearest is probably in Lancashire or North Wales but I can't get that distance!

Newmania said...

Only shingle for miles I`m afraid , so no, not a lot

apricotfox said...

What a gorgeous pic of a gorgeous family!

Little Black Sambo said...

Good picture. And you look amazingly different from your usual picture - or is that some one else, and you were holding the camera?

Newmania said...

Its me ..what usual, picture is that ?

Ms Smack said...

So lovely to see an updated pic of you, your missus and the gorgeous kids. God they've grown so fast.

I miss you mate, but totally understand and respect your priorities.


Newmania said...

Why thankyou Miss S

lilith said...


Newmania said...
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Anonymous said...

.........."okay kids, which one of you have got the keys to mummy's handbag, that's got the keys in it to the car and the house....."

Do I win a prize?

No. I thought not.

Super photo, all the same.

Bob Piper said...

Poor woman. She looks like she deserves so much better.

Newmania said...

She does not suffer in silence Bob

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