Thursday, June 03, 2010

Here Come The Girls

Harriet Harman has called for half of the shadow cabinet to be women. The top half ? Mr. Capello needs to be informed of this selection wheeze post haste think of the talent we are missing out on . It’s a marvellous idea of course and if a few more men are added to the disproportionately male unemployed they are at least unlikely to be working class. ( As noted by the Speccy)
I would go further .The babe deficit is start but there are many more disadvantaged groups than the laaaydeeez . Black people , proles crims et al, but today,I want to focus on that little regarded group 'people who do not want a career in politics' .
This important ‘community’, are woefully under-represented at all levels of government . I accept that to some extent the honey quota will address this , but I say get to the nub of the matter .To this end I suggest that any group whose members try in disproportionate numbers to become MPs should immediately face a pro rata penalty .
PS UKIP have a Transsexual MEP is that a case for flexibility and such flexiblity be refferred to as gender bending ?

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