Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why So Many Brown Reds?

Mehdi Hassan , of the New Statesman , came to my attention flinging undergraduate abuse at Simon Hughes and Michael Heseltine on Question Time .He is one of those ubiquitous young Asian men of the left, a stereotype I noticed East Enders picked up on when Babs ran for the council (no idea what her character is called ).
I think there is an explanation for this peculiar phenomenon .Social mobility has ceased under New Labour ,in part ,as long unpaid quasi -internships have emerged as a hurdle for plumb jobs . Political careers require endless noncing around pretending to care about some locale or other, slotting leaflets, just like a real activist, and generally burnishing your meeja or political , CV. Only two groups needs apply , trustafarians and those whose parents will pay for their sons into their 30s . Into the latter group fall Asian sons of a certain sort. Perpetual children like Sunny Hundal for example . He writes like a ferocious tyro but still has to tidy his room when his mum tells him to .
Anyway no surprise to see
Mehdi supporting Balls but then so does Mr. Eugenidies and so do I .

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