Friday, May 07, 2010

Well Done David

Some sanity from Martin Bright

In fact this is a massive achievement for the Conservative Party. When David Cameron took over in 2005 many Tories would have settled for this result. They should always have been fighting a two-election strategy. But the Conservative Party allowed itself to get overexcited about the possibility of outright victory. The Liberal Democrats allowed themselves to dream and find themselves bitterly disappointed this morning.


asquith said...

My view is that now Camoron will/should form a minority government with Lib Dem support on an as & when basis. (Raising this income tax threshold as Clegg suggested would be an excellent place to begin- rewarding people for making a go of things rather than encouraging people to stay poor, which I don't think is an exaggeration of what Chancellor & PM Brown did with some of the benefits he operated).

A Lib/Con coalition would be a mistake for all concerned. As for joining up with Labour, the thought is an outrage which has apparently been ruled out anyway.

BNP facing total oblivion. I never thought they would win Stoke (we're not that sort of place!) but even so the sheer wankness of their performance surprises me, on the city council, in Barking, everywhere.

I am a bit surprised that the kippers did so badly. But I think the world hasn't heard the last of them.

Newmania said...

I think that in effect he will , he is offering them very little that he did not want to do anyway

Nick Drew said...

for what it is worth, I reckon Team Cameron at the outset (2005) planned a two-election strategy - which, as much as anything, is a matter of guarding your back

Mitterand and Helmut Kohl did this very successfully, riding out losses on their respective first attempts

they were (IMHO) taken by surprise by the depths to which Labour popularity sank in 2006, when Brown mounted his anti-Blair putsch

Newmania said...

I have always thought precisely that ND

Electro-Kevin said...

Why is Labour still so popular ?

Newmania said...

conservatism EK

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