Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Vote For Five More Years Of Brown

For yet more social immobility and yet more social inequality .For more inflation higher interest rates , tax increases mostly hidden VAT , NI, god knows what else , so vote Brown to lose your home basically .
For continued squander on failing schools unreformed services fat cat pensions sinecures idle bureaucrats , for expanding the dependency culture and the swarms of parasites that live from it.Risking default effectively losing sovereignty by raising Greek style debts for years
For a dead duck leader a divided Party , owned by the very Unions that must be confronted .For politically motivated open door immigration policies ,anti family , anti children , anti English anti Southern and anti business policies , not to say further export of your rights to Europe.
For snooping busy bodying banning page three and stopping parent from deciding when and when not to smack their children , telling you where you can smoke and drink and above all considering anyone who disagrees with them a bigot …

Signed : Mr. A Bigot . Smoker Patriot SME Employee middling income father of three mortgage payer and all round good guy

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