Saturday, May 22, 2010

Same Old Labour

Hopi Sen has a post up called “ Lets all laugh at the racists”. He has been trawling the white Nationalist web site “Storm-front” and has found some some gems .. “You forgot about Boris ‘the turk’ johnson. Everytime I look at him, he looks a bit darker and swarthier,”…….

Fair game of course even if this comment was intended ‘oomorously there certainly be loons here .Somehow , though, I feel the presence of inverted commas around the hilarity. We know why don’t we . For years ordinary Conservatives have been accused of plotting the final solution at bridge clubs and jumbles sales across Britain, and the left worn a Halo which refers to the defining moments of the Nation , the war against Fascism.
Never mind that Conservatives fought the Nazis harder than both conchys and striking union members at Spitfire factories .Never mind that Mosely ,Mussolini and Hitler were all of the left and never mind that we and never sucked up to the murderous Soviet Union, somehow we are complicit in murder
As we also know this tactic has been used for years to close down any objection the New Labour`s catastrophic disinterest and incompetence at policing the border, and poltically motivated wish to pluralize the Nation by weight of numbers .
Following bigot –gate and the bruising necessity to meet some real people New Labour have back tracked fast on immigration with Liam Byrne and others desperate to pretend they were listening . Look closely however and you will soon find the same knee jerk slander remains in the armory , in the very DNA of the left

Dianne Abbot for example …..
in the Indy
……..we need to reject the notion, which virtually every other leadership candidate seems to be pushing, that somehow immigration lost us the election. ........New Labour chipped away at the welfare state in the name of "choice" has left ordinary people frightened of the future. Above all we should be wary of appearing to collude with making immigrants the "scapegoat" in the middle of a recession. History teaches us where that can lead.

In other words ,those who oppose her open border predilections spend their evening buffing up Werhmacht regalia or flitting about in a pointy white hat . So Hopi I am all for lauguing at racists but I wish I felt certain I was not considered one of them by New Labour


Bill Quango MP said...

Not sure that a case that Hitler was of the left can be made to stick.

He was certainly concerned with the interests of ordinary working Germans and the entire rationale for national Socialism was to improve the lot of poor Germans, who had a much lower standard of living than in France or Uk or USA.

But he was a little bit ..erm..anti communist?

Nick Drew said...

well, Mr Q, in the Horst Wessel Lied they sang of

Kam'raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen

the 'Reactionaries' in question were the Social Democrats !

Newmania said...

The case for Mussolini is far stronger to be honest BQ but the Nazis certainly campaigned from the left whatever the mix of doctines in their potty brew

ND You assumption that everyone speaks German is a master calss in Ein up man ship

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