Thursday, May 06, 2010

Let It Rain

Will it rain ? That`s the single question left, and the assumption is that if it does this will help the blue team. Interesting that , when you come to think about it .You might suppose that faced with the awful prospect of having to work ,Labour’s army of loafers would rise from their flea infested beds and pop the old cross on the ‘gimme’ square .
Well it does not work like that, and there is a reason . Lets imagine a group of stranded seamen forced to fish or starve, on the lovely but isolated Isle of Metaphor . Two of them spend the time catching fish .The remaining three are more rational . They sunbathe a bit write a few promissory notes to each other , establishing a sound fiscal basis for the new society, and exchange leaves as currency ,experiencing inflation on the leaf / fish index . Apart from these valuable activities our intrepid social entrepreneurs invent a 'Constitution' which they pass by a majority . They plump for PR
Under their constitution the fish , our less valuable members of society have foolishly caught, are taken into group membership and shared fairly between the five After a while the two fishers become slightly disenchanted with this system but in order to live they are obliged to carry our three sunbathing eaters but democracy as we know , has a price .That’s what Social Democrats mean when they say Democracy actually causes socialism , in fact under certain circumstances it causes state licensed theft .

Now may have noticed I called this island the Isle of Metaphor and there was clue there dear reader , ... perhaps you divined my intent ? Yes indeed, our fishers were in fact the aspiring productive members of society .The key here is that as well as being more active at fishing they are, in general, more active . In practice the tendency of democracy to become theft and starvation is assuaged by these types organising actively and effectively to protect their interests . It is far easier for them to do that in a location , a constituency for example . It is much harder across a Nation which is why PR shifts the balance left towards the sunbathers . Furthermore when it rains they are the ones who pick up their brollies and vote
Lets hope for rain then

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