Saturday, May 08, 2010

Have They Changed At All ?

Just when you start to think the Lib Dems might behave like grown up Party you read this sort of thing on Lib DemmVoice and it is not alone

"The way I see it, the maths works like this:
A majority is not 326, first of all. 650 minus 5 Sinn Fein, who do not take up their seats = 645, therefore a majority is actually 323.
Labour 258+ Lib Dem 57+ SDLP 3+ Green1+ Alliance1=320
Tories 307 (assuming Thirsk goes their way)+ DUP 8=315
That leaves the nine nationalists. If they force down a combined left of centre government, they risk a new election, that would deliver a full Tory majority (because fewer Lib Dem MPs) and even worse funding for them. The SNP has already said it would not ally itself with the Conservatives. Under this logic, while they may expect some insulation from cuts, their demands might be moderated to some extent.
It wouldn’t be pretty, but it could work as long as a PR referendum (STV, AV+ or AMS, not AV) is tied into any overall package and not given to Labour MPs as a separate option.
The Conservatives, despite playing dirty all the way along, pouring money in from Ashcroft to unseat our MPs and orchestrating a campaign of lies, distortion and misrepresentation in the right wing press, are expecting us to play fair like good little Liberals and become their lapdogs. They told us to stop being holier than thou during the campaign. Well, then why don’t we do that? We must do everything we can to seize the prize of PR. If they were in an analogous situation, they wouldn’t hesitate to force through their demands, so why shouldn’t we?
We’ve only got one shot at fundamental political change including PR and the time is now. So let’s not waste it."

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