Thursday, January 07, 2010

Who Do We Vote Against ?

Just sent this to Mr. Dale,hardly news to him , but I did it because I cannot believe that no-one seems to be pointing out the bleeding obvious reason New Labour are unelectable.

Iain I have no doubt you have noticed but anyway .... In the Guardian G2 the other day there was a long comparison between Ed and David Milliband supposedly representing the two wings of the Party about to do battle . Sunder Katwala and others are talking about the fight /renewal , after the election and it seems to be universally accepted that Gordon Brown cannot survive as PM if elected .
Isn’t it quite incredible that New Labour are going to the electorate in this shape .The only logic for not getting rid of Brown was initially because there would have to be an a election, and then because it was too close to an election. None of that applies the second the election is over and this seems to be openly admitted

So ...New Labour cannot tell the electorate who will actually be running the country. I just wondered if you might want to draw attention to that fact surely that is an insulting proposition for the voter .

Who do we vote against ?

Doubt he`ll read it but I feel better


apricotfox said...

a good point well made...

Auntie Flo' said...

Excellent point and well made, I hope Iain takes it up.

Newmania said...


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