Sunday, January 03, 2010

Donal Blaney , (Its The Way He Tells Them...)

Perhaps I have misjudged him, but if this is typical of the brilliantined Mr. Blaney`s output and of young Conservatives then I fear we have a long way to go . I spaketh thusly :

I am a Conservative , married , a Christian , albeit a pretty inadequate one , and an ex resident of Islington now living in Lewes . You’d think I would be on your side but I am not. There is a question here about the status of the Church of England and the rights of religious groups which I am going to ignore .In fact I am going to ignore the bits and pieces altogether . The tone of this piece is unpleasant and tone is important
I do not like your reference to sins and sinners in this context . The sin and the sinner are the same thing unless you regard the sinner as best by unnatural demons which I take it is the way you regard homosexuality . ‘Victorian’ would be kind Donal (En passant I do not find any more intolerance in the sticks than I did in Islington but I digress )
The there is this :“… don't groom or proselytize at kids. “
Are you suggesting that there is some sort of connection between paedophiles and homosexuals ? You certainly seem to be and if that is the case I wonder how you stay chums with Iain Dale , especially as he is such a sulker .
“…Just as they feel uneasy at overt displays of affection by randy homosexuals, they feel uneasy at overt displays of affection by horny heterosexual couples too. They not unreasonably wish people would save such conduct for the privacy of their own bedrooms
I do not feel uneasy about displays of gay affection and I think that whilst you and Nick Griffin who made the same pint on QT may describe a fact ,it would be nice to see a Conservative as part of the solution not the problem. Get over it , love is beautiful thing Donal .
I am yet to see sodomy over the check out at Tescos but if I do I will object along the lines you suggest.
Marriage ,of course ,predates Christianity and Christian marriage has not always been the norm in this country. So what . I am a fervent supporter of marriage above all because for unmarried couples the separation rate up the child’s fifth year is one in two as compared to one in twelve . Furthermore I see many of the ills of our country as caused by the failure to support marriage .It is important then , that it adapts , includes, and reaches out to allies . I appreciate there are competing liberties involved ,but the starting point must be a recognition of love loyalty and its need for public expression .Your piece has a queasy and at times prurient mean spiritedness about it. Bad show , poor form , don`t like it .

I shall ask God if he agrees tommorow , I am sure he will .


Auntie Flo' said...

Well said!

asquith said...

Yes, but he's just a tosser, & is trying to either wind people up or using constipated displays of "logic" because he thinks it's clever. I haven't been near his blog in months as I couldn't see the point- but I suppose some things never change. Like Dizzy "Thinks", I do not go there.

As for Islington- aren't there actually a lot of very badly off people, often from ethnic minorities, living there? From what I've heard it isn't exactly luxurious. But I do laugh, our pal Laurie Penny has gone the opposite way to you- having lived in Lewes, she got sick of it & moved to London! I suppose it depends what you want out of life.

On about that second article.

I suppose a Conservative government will enrage me almost as much or maybe equally as much as this one- I also disliked the CF types I met during my studies- but I suppose you will like it more than I do.

It will be a good spectator sport watching right-wing bloggers rage against Cameron though- I'll aye be getting out some popcorn for that.

Blue Eyes said...

Completely agree N! He is pretending to hide behind a religious interpretation of the word "marriage" but actually what he is saying is that the relationship between two homosexuals can never be as "true" as between two heterosexuals. Personally I doubt that any relationship between two people is ever the same as between another two people.

It's the "Christian Right"'s way of homophobia by proxy. Tolerance rather than acceptance. It stinks.

Auntie Flo' said...

You have to go a long way to beat the way socialists tell them, too Newms.

Take a look at this. This is the US regulatory committee that was supposed to be regulating the collapsing Freddie Mac and Fanny May. It was FM's collapse that started the whole financial crisis ball rolling.

The US Conservatives are pleading for the committee to do its job while the Democrats claim the two FMs are operating in an exemplary manner and block Republican calls for regulatory controls at every turn.

And it was Democrat Pres Clinton who put Obama's spin doctor, Rahm Emanuel (of, we must never let a good crisis go to waste fame)on the dreamy board of Freddie Mac.

Not hard to see whose incompetence Brown mimics.

Auntie Flo' said...


Take a look at this even.

Newmania said...

I like Cameron and I would say I was quite right wing ?

Hi BE yes I think you are right and I do like the way you put that

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