Monday, December 14, 2009

When Johny Met Sally 2

Something to think about when reading the papers today – Anyone who thinks that Sally Bercow’s political views and activities are in any way the business of John Bercow is just being an old fashioned sexist idiot, however they dress it up.
Says Hopi Sen. I do not agree and spaketh thusly ...

In do not give a flying feck about Sally Bercow`s views , she seems a rather ridiculous individual but no more than me .I never lied about my CV and got my degree but my past would not bear scrutiny of this sort .I do however take exception to John Bercow and any Labour supporter flying under Conservative flag .I do not believe that a true Conservative and New Labour acolyte could be happily married . Consult your soul Hopi and you know this is true .
As you know John Bercow made a strategic decision , in common with other preening trimmers , to cosy up to New Labour who appeared to have established a thousand year Reich in this country. It is forgotten how impossible the current commanding poll lead once looked . He is therefore quite reasonably detested by Conservatives having colluded in a stitch up whereby a New Labour Speaker was installed when it was our turn .
It would be better for all concerned if he was deselected and Silly Sally`s egomaniacal activities provide toe curling evidence that up with Bercow we cannot put .


Philipa said...

Very good point. After reading that you are loving up to Bob Geldof I'd find it very difficult to have sex with you, whereas before knowing those views your bottom was on my top 10 gorgeous fantasy items. So anyone with any ingrity would have to agree with your point, Newms.

Newmania said...

Funnily enough that possiblity seriously worried me when I posted that

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