Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give Us Justice Or We Will take It

Recently, I discussed the purpose of the legal system with John B .In response to my observation that ‘social convenience’ was not its chief function, the twerp opined ...
“… if it’s not to try and set some general rules that allow society to work (ie “the convenience of everybody”), then what the hell is the point of the legal system?”
I was obliged to remind him ..,“The point of the judicial system is to supply the justice John , which would otherwise be the moral province of revenge .”

That is the deal ,if it is broken down ,all bets are off .Today we read that Vanessa George may well be out in seven years , when many of the children she abused are not even adults .The pig like woman pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assaults of children ,and six of making and distributing indecent images . These included two year olds being penetrated by sex toys .She still refuses to name those abused, leaving 180 families to worrying that irreparable damage may have been done.
Mothers screamed abuse as she began her prison sentence .She may well need the change of identity and 24 hour protection she is guaranteed by Human rights legislation
The system however snapped right back into place when it came to
sentencing Munir Hussein. This blameless businessman was tied with his family an children knjfe point. He showed heroic bravery, managing to free himself .Mr Hussain and his brother, Tokeer, hit Walid Salem, one of the intruders, with a cricket bat, giving him a brain injury. Salem has 50 previous conviction. The two other burglars have still not been caught of course and nor would Walid Salem have been without the rough and ready court of the cricket bat .
Judge Reddihough, in sentencing the Hussain to 30 months said : "If persons were permitted to … inflict their own instant and violent punishment on an apprehended offender rather than letting justice take its course, then the rule of law and our system of criminal justice, which are the hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse."

Yes but what has 'taken its course' is not justice . Until we we are given it back I hope someone finds Vanessa George and if they have a cricket bat about them so much the better


Philipa said...

Agree with you completely, Newms. I was given to believe that years ago child molesters were 'dealt with' by other prisoners but the system now is not conducive to such things. So I think we should hang them. I'll get my knitting.

Auntie Flo' said...

These outrageously unjust judgements and far too many others like them, the failure of the police to perform even a modicum of the policing we pay them so handsomely for and the worrying erosion of public trust in our police and criminal justice system: surely all demonstrate that UK's Justice system is on the verge of breakdown.

How the heck have we survived 12 years of this misery? Another thing to blame Brown and zanulab for: wishing most of the last 12 years away, what a waste.

Auntie Flo' said...

Hello Philipa, good to see you! How are you doing?

El-Kevo said...

Forgettting one thing Newmsie.

What you say or think counts for nothing.

Newmania said...

Not so what I think counts for plenty as long as we have aFPTP system I can move enough votes to have a voice

El-Kevo said...

"Give us justice or we will take it."

Err - no we won't.

Philipa said...

Hi Flo, great to link up with you here again ;-) I'm fine, you ok? With you completely; what a waste!

Aside: What Newms says and thinks counts for something to me.

El-Kevo said...

And me. But we'll all go around with faces like slapped King Charles Spanniels in our ineffectual indignance - because that's what we are: huff and puff and the Left know it.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And you missed the bit where the perp was given a suspended sentence.

So he's free now, whereas the victim is banged up.


They are just laughing at us, aren't they.

Carl said...

Oh dear Newmania... you've been at the Mail again haven't you.

I covered the George case - if you'd like some accurate information on her sentence and "identity" give me a shout.

Carl said...

Cooeee, Newmania..
I'm happy to fill in the details for you.
You have my email.


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