Monday, December 07, 2009

The Office

I work ,with two or three others , in a small serviced ofice. The view is much like David Brent`s “Office “ but over Croydon`s fly-over and roundabout . If you recall, the song,“ Glad rags and handbags “ , beautifully caught the quite melancholy of the clerical back water . There are some benches by the Thames where generations of gloomy City workers have have left a palpable imprint of sadness and yearning .Life seems so small sometimes
Anyway, today the word of the day was ‘Nimrod’, and between us we tried to work out its meaning . I suggested that as Elgar`s Nimrod is played at Remembrance Day perhaps there was a military connection. A.N. other remembered that there was a reconnaissance Plane called Nimrod so we were wondering if it was some sort of flying god of war . We were wrong ,its an Old Testament Warrior King, associated with the Tower of Babel
We recalled Ken Russell’s film in which Elgar ,as a boy, races his pony over the Malvern Hills ( pic) ,the rise and fall echoed by the tumultuous swells and dying falls of his music ....

Makes your hair stand on end –said one
No that’s just gel – said another
Back to work - said a third

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