Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry X-Box ...........( 360)

I have just been staying with Family down in Walmer near Deale, in Kent . Whilst there, my fabulously wealthy socialist cousin was entertaining me with her low opinion of Michael Gove . I mention it only because when about twenty children and adults were eating ice cream and chips at the sea front at who should saunter past but Michael Gove .
There he was ,his very self, wearing the sort of outfit that ordinary people keep in the dressing up box ,on the off chance of being called upon to play a 18th century squire in panto . His oddly circular face was a foot from mine separated only by the glass of the café window and its promises of competitively priced Knicker Bocker Glories .
It seemed an appropriately meaningless event for this time of ennui-wii ,this fin de siecle fermata of noughty nonetities and tittle tattle . Now for a short time we can ignore the tsunami, of debt about to engulf us . Salutations Mr. Gove , you dress atrociously ,have lips like a thunder bird puppet and have been more than usually corrupt . Let us hope you show more substance than has yet been apparent in the hard times to come .
Can I just draw your attention to the wit and topicality of the neologism ennui-wii by the way .
Merry X Box (360) and a happy New Year


Nick Drew said...

it is indeed a fine and timely coinage Mr M, if only you could spell it consistently

I suspect it will it not only be Gove whose manifest personal failings we shall come to lament in the coming year

but a Happy New Year to you for all that !

wv = froid BTW, more-or-less en clair, which is just silly, as well as being quite easily guessed by the appropriate software I should say

Newmania said...

it is indeed a fine and timely coinage Mr M, if only you could spell it consistently

I `m up to my eyes in unassembled toys here ND I can hardly spell my own name.

Philipa said...

I'm not a Gove fan.

Auntie Flo' said...

I have to admit to a soft spot for Gove - solely becase he was one of the small, cross party gang of MPs behind I Want A Referendum's campaign against the Lisbon Treaty and IWAR's regional Referendums across the country. Any MP who would do that can't be all bad.

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