Monday, November 02, 2009

We Can`t All Paint The Cave

Yes alright I am slithering back into the despicable practice of bloggery once again . I thought I would adopt a new low key approach, releasing my words of wisdom like doves into a vacuum , for them to crash to the floor in a confused tangle of dead doves. I mean if no-one noticed I do not care , should never have started the doves thing .. trot on trot on Newmania
My peep `oles were drawn to a little bit in the Guardian last week which bemoaned the fact of yoof unemployment . Seen a slew of this recently and I `d guess most of it is pre written . Unemployment is a lagging indicator (often used for lofts ) so they have had time .
The words “Ticking time bomb’” cannot be far away , in fact they are exactly ten minutes away , 9-59 ...eeek 9.58 for your lives ..9.57...... ha ha . Ok anyway yoof unemployment is a very bad thing * serious face* could be worse though , could be me ! Point coming , promise ....
Did you know that the Public Sector employs 52% of Uni leavers , (said Civitas ) and up to 290,000 jobs are likely to be lost from the client state by 2014 and that this will effect young pepes . I am shocked, but not, I suspect ,for the right reason
What truly shocks me though is that 52% of our finest lazy beer swilling graduates are going into the relativity small Public Sector , its about 6,000,000 strong .This has to be nutty with extra topping doesn’t it ?
Think of it this way we are a tribe and we live by slaying the woolly mammoth. Naturally the most prestigious thing to be ,ought to be ,a woolly mammoth slayer , .That ought to ensure the cave babes came a-calling you would ,think .Now we all know that “our wonderful” cave painters , teachers and poultice makers are “wonderful” , but that is surely for the palsied lame and female ?
To actually siphon off the best hunters for cave painting is crazy stuff and yet that is that is what we are doing. This all adds to my growing suspicion that we live in a society in which there is more personnel than person and that we are all irrevocably doomed .


david cameron's forehead said...

To play devil's advocate. I am led to believe the hunters often returned home having caught nothing & had to nourish themselves on what the gatherers (mainly women & weak men) had managed to get hold of. They had basically wasted their energy. Is that something to consider? :)

Plus, it depends whether they are becoming teachers/NHS doctors/policemen etc or professional cunts. Obviously we prefer the former to the latter. But both are filed under "public sector"

Newmania said...

I am not sure I agree with your classification of teachers DCF and my beloved brother is one

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