Monday, November 02, 2009

Sex and Drugs

Johnson justified the reclassification of Cannabis on the basis of scientific evidence , he said . In fact the scientific evidence said the reverse so Johnson lied as well as turning the advisory body from scientists , which what they thought they were , into New Labour props for the daily game of media strategy . His distinctions between political descisions and scientific advice is answering a question no-one is asking .

Can you think of another occasion in which facts have been sexed up used for political ends but served as facts when those providing them knew differently ?


Nick Drew said...

ummm ....

nope ! quite without precedent

how are you keeping Paul ?

Newmania said...

Hope Nutte stays alive at least. Not bad ND , working hard , twins now walking , eldest at school , anoying local debating society, decorating , hum and drum but delighted with children Lewes , it could be alot worse .

Hope all well with you

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