Monday, November 23, 2009


I am not a political obsessive but I felt like one this weekend . I strode out with the lad a-delivering leaflets on behalf of the popular and likeable PPC Jason Sugarman. It was a bit bracing but a pleasure to watch the little chap distributing evil Tory propaganda . But , oh dear , the jaunty swagger was brought up short by seeing the Observers front Page . Conservative Lead down to 6 % it shrieked, and today the Guardian is busily examining the possibility of Lib lab pacts . As Jackie Ashley gloatingly puts it , the Liberals are equidistant,“…except that Cameron is a million miles away in Europe , electoral reform and the role of the State. Ideologically a Lib Lab arrangement is the likelier out come of a hung Parliament” . Quite ,why stop at four pacts when you can have five.
Larry Elliot points out “The threatened rise in Unemployment will not materials until after election day…people feel a lot more cheerful about their finances …”. In the Telegraph Cameron struck the right note saying we will have to fight for the victory but he is ,I fear ,being to candid with talk of emergency budgets . That says bad news and I feel a bit 'Sir Humphrey-ish" about his bold integrity .... .
This is what La Toynbee had to say prior to the beatification of Saint Tony…”Labour …have abandoned their view of the voter as a decent sort and adopted the Tory model of the voter as a selfish lying bastard …the only way we can win is to lie and cheat about taxes …”. it’s a thought although she has also , said the opposite , of course .
So where are we then , desperately in debt ,and due a Government in hock to the Unions who has been about the most ruthless authoritarian deceitful and socialist British Politician I can think of . To think this man will have unfettered access to my bank account for five more years , will there be anything left ?
Thinking gloomily along these lines I have been trying to come up with a voguish acronym for those who regard five more years of Brown with all the consanguinity of three little Pigs socially obliged to show their faces at the Annual Wolf’s ball …why thank you , Mr. Big -Bad , most kind …. Gulp!
What about People Responsibly Employed and Y -Chromosomal

PS NewPoll ...phew

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