Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cui Bono ?

623 web sites existed on Christmas Eve 1994, as one Robert Allen Zimmerman would have it , the “Times they are changin’.”Yes and no, with close to 2 billion interweb users half the world still relies on beasts of burden as their main source of power.
Some things are eternal, ‘’The vanity of men’ proverbially so, and in particular public men . With this fixed point in mind I have tried to make sense of the mutability about us by seeing how often I can answer my own question “cui bono ?” with the words “Politicians “. I have found it an illuminating exercise .
Take Afghanistan , today is a red letter day for me in that I find myself in agreement with Jonathan Friedland and Simon Jenkins in the Guardian , both of whom are anti , and against lovely Boris, who is pro .
Yesterday lovely Boris used the ridiculous argument that to get out now would be an insult to the fallen. Answer, so what. Soldiers are well used to the idea that they may well die in insane schemes dreamt up by politicians .A whole genre of macabre black humour that typifying the British Army rests on this insight .
Jenkins draws a parallel between the claim we are there to defend ourselves against Terrorism and the WMD crapola invented by Blair. He is on the money . Boris insults our intelligence ,he does not believe his three hanky nonsense .He supports the Atlantic alliance the real reason for our presence . So do I but not if we are doing all the dying and cannot afford the helicopters
So , “cui bono?” , well much to be said on both sides but the politicians who wish to have a seat at the big word table definitely want us “Punching above our weight” internationally”. More deaths then .
What about Lisbon , well you might say that politicians giving up power to an Empire above shows they can behave selflessly . Not true , in fact EU is about removing power from voters and keeping it with politicians this is why the political class as a whole and far more European than the people .
Immigration ; almost no-one want our population to swell to 70 million .Cultural problems terrorism , crime housing shortages overcrowding and educational dilemmas are all visited on us against the express wishes of the British . Migration watch knocked the argument that it all makes us rich into a cocked hat , it does not ," cui bono? "

.I can think of one group who would prefer a big economy and a big country to a small one whatever miseries have to be inflicted . Yes its the politicians a seat at the table is no good unless its big one is it .
It is Afghanistan that chiefly concerns me now though .There can be no possible logic to our overstretched troops continuing to be brought him in bags except a wish by the political class to retain our special place with America whilst simultaneously jockeying to make them important in Europe .
Before Empire turned its head Conservatives saw their role as trying to stop the Government spending our men and money on their international adventures . Where are the Conservatives now ? Do we want our taxes to be wasted on a vainglorious and doomed project to turn Afghanistan into Sweden? I think not . Its none of our business ,we cannot afford it and whenever the entire political class agrees we are right to be suspicious that it is chiefly to their advantage .

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