Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Are We Making Our Lives Soooo Difficult

90% of BNP votes were cast in Labour Constituencies, ( Coincidentally 90% of immigrants vote Labour , hence say some , our open borders policy), 35% of New Labour voters told a survey quoted by both Nick Cohen and Michael White, ( The Likes of Us) ,that the BNP is the their second choice .The Conservative voter regards the BNP as beyond the pale ,almost universally .Hard to know quite what that means , but there it is
This cannot entirely be put down to class or even immigration ,which, whilst hugely unpopular, and obviously far too high, is not ( as far as I can see) located especially in areas of high BNP support . There is no obvious direct correlation anyway . As for the working class, voting well by the widest definition the Conservative vote is typicallyabout one third working class, while the New Labour vote hasbeen about 25% middle class .

It is not true that BNP support divides on class lines . To take the stereo -type . Conservative voting Southern self employed un-unionsed working class home owners do not ever vote BNP. Northern coucil house unionsed public Sector working class enjoying the same standard of living , may do .
I wonder if the communitarian feelings of solidarity Labour`s heartlands depend on are peculiarly likely to turn on outsiders especially when those outsiders appear as scab Labour . There has always been a problem in that most Labour votes are cast by communitarian Nationalists while most Labour leaders are internationalists and distrustful of any ethnic loyalty unless it is a perceived victim group. With Labour increasingly relying on its immigrant vote and client Public Sector vote ,espousing every modish nostrum from anti smoking to anti men ,it seems not impossible that the old alliance of Fabian do -goooders and working classs economic interest might be under strain.
The actual BNP votes are still very small and likely to be irrelevant in a GE ( It is possible the majority have not actually voted for anyone before as suggested on Political Betting ). It is the wider constituency of people who are sympathetic to parts of what they say that counts. When Gordon Brown says “ British jobs for British Workers” he is lying while Nick Griffin is not ( for once ) , people know this .
I think there are almost certainly vastly more Labour voters who might vote BNP or may feel alienated Labour by its wish to abolish England by aggressive settlement ( A third of new households under New Labour have been immigrants ) .I am far from certain that reflects any less sympathy for some of their points in Conservative circles but somehow the problem occupies a place much further away from the real act of voting BNP. After all you can always move out ,as most do, when you have children.
I say the answer is simple , cut immigration down to 50,000 or so a year and let the BNP wither, while the existing unhappy and Balkanised position heals itself . I simply do not understand why we have to keep making our lives more and more difficult , does anyone seriously think it would not have been better if we had never acquired an Islamic problem ?


asquith said...

Where does it say that 90% of immigrants vote Labour? I suppose it is possible. But they realise as much as anyone that this is a shite government in most respects, it doesn't actually treat immigrants especially well (they refuse to let asylum seekers work, which I wouldn't do, & then slash their benefits, probably in a failed attempt to win back over BNP voters as I can think of no other reason why we'd refuse contributions from people who are often quite enterprising).

There should, in my view, be some form of points-based system. I am deliberately vague about this because I know & like a lot of immigrants. I actually talk to people who might not have been admitted to the country under other circumstances, which you can imagine makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but we know rationally that the present system is not sustainable.

But with regards to immigrants, & ethnic minorities in general, I've always thought that a lot of them are naturally conservative. In fact, one of the reasons I oppose large-scale immigration is because I think it's a way of getting religious & socially conservative attitudes into the country (not only Islam but also recently arrived African churchgoers in London & elsewhere) & I am not keen on religious "enthusiasm", having no beliefs at all myself.

You're right on tgwo grounds- BNP actual support is exaggerated, & they'll probably get fewer votes than Greens or UKIP, but they are concentrated in certain areas where dependency & resentment are rife. I think the real solution has little to do with immigration, & more to do with finding some way of getting decent, well-paid employment for working-class youths & ending the widespread assumption that some people are entitled to a council house & assorted benefits from birth.

I am careful never to personally attack immigrants or people reliant on benefits. They are doing what anyone in their situation, with their limited range of options, would do.

Newmania said...

The 90% was in the Mail it is not very precise is it and come to think of it cannot be true as I doubt more than 30% vote at all.
I do not like the idea of a points systme as I am uncomfortable about saying Australian Doctors are ok and Indian peasants are not .

No I am happy fgopr anyoen to come here just not in enormous numbers ina short time period and not unless they are prepared to enter into our way of life

Bill Quango MP said...

I think the voter split for BNP was 20% from Tory 30% from Labour and 50% from people who have never voted at all.

PB had it somewhere on their site.

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