Saturday, October 10, 2009

Illiberal Conspiracy

My comment on Illiberal Conspiracy ( soon to be deleted no doubt )

Conservatives and Libertarians have been uneasy allies against the Labour Party who , in the company of fawning Liberals, tried to turn the Country into East Germany during the 20th Century . These distinctions are not easy to unravel so how about playing the Piano as a metaphor …..
A Libertarian would sit on it …and probably punch his piano teacher in the face if he suggested any practice discipline or order

A Liberal would despise the old way whereby Chopin was digested prior to attempting atonal improvisation and make an ugly violent mess indistinguishable from the Libertarian’s other than by the smug superiority of his expression
A socialist purveyor of trendy nostrums would claim that only racist ears prevented a full appreciation of the revolting stew of equal bits of everything he forced everyone to pretend they liked . The violent and imprisoning mess would be much the same as our other contenders managed but in this case accompanied by squawking sanctimony and law
A Conservatives would play , according to sense, tradition and innate feeling for rightness employing the discipline of practice respecting teachers. Souls would soar and a deep satisfaction would result. Ahhh bisto.

If sometimes Conservatives are so nauseated by the ugly barbaric bossy booted-ness of socialists that they pretended to be Libertarians it is surely forgivable, I know which I prefer.

Sunny perhaps when you delete this comment ( I have been banned form this bastion of Liberal thinking for some ,time ) , you might imagine the high regard in which I hold your opinions on freedom and the respect I accord your ideas about hypocrisy …..


Mark Wadsworth said...

As I know little about all these piano references I can't comment.

But I'm looking forward to your next 'Farewell post', I always enjoy those, so keep up the goo work.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"good", obviously.

Bill Quango MP said...

In a Labour world the inequality between the keys need to be sorted out. Far too many white notes, and black notes often mean discord.
In future the keys should run black/white/black/white equally.
Also the classification A-G is unfair.
A is perceived as the best, as in A grade. In order not to discriminate against the lower notes in future they shall be named as in primary school classes.
Ladybird, Zebra, Elephant etc.

O/T but had a comment from my 6 year old today.
"Daddy, I am going to turn off this light. I don't want the polar bears to die.

Newmania said...

Ha sounds like a deep thinker , all I get is "Can I have a ....?"

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