Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog Bites Man

Having been lost in the amber afternoons of Dorset ,where the hills curl around the river Brit like an old dog dreaming of rabbits , McBride-gate has been unpleasant shock.
Hopi Sen is still being friendly about Derek Draper, but then he defended the Racist Crewe by election, and is paid by New Labour ...pity. What interests me here is that both Hopi and Sunny Hundal seem to discuss Liberal Conspiracy as part of the Labour on line propaganda machine .Many of its writers are Liberals. None of my bees-wax really, but I wonder how very feel about used as cover for Brownite sycophancy and the career of an infantile Labour attack-puppy?
There is no getting away from the seriousness of the real story though .It lifts the rock not just on MacBride and Draper ,but on New Labour and Gordon Brown.
Rachel Sylvester emphasises Mc Bride is hardly a departure. The Brown attack dogs have been set on Milliband ,Bright at the New Statesman, and Douglas Alexander over the election that never was .Prior to that just about everyone that got in the old bastards way .John Reid ,Alan Milburn ,David Blunkett Frank Field and Charles Clarke, all felt the briefing cudgel on their neck.
We were asked in all seriousness to believe that Brown ,who ran Labour’s campaign ,knew nothing about cash for honours . Ridiculous of course ,but far more ridiculous to believe that his close confidant Mc Bride and recent lunch companion ( Draper) were not acting on Brown’s authority. They were .
There has been an instinct for vicious Labour negative campaigning going back to Harold Wilson. He was a by-word for deviousness and a successful Labour campaigner . Foot, and to some extent Callaghan, were relatively decent men who failed ,and “Lessons", in the New Labour phrase ,“were learnt “. They were also learnt from the savaging of Neil Kinnock .By the time New Labour came to birth ,conclusions had been drawn . Brown and Blair together constructed a 24 hour propoganda machine which bore no relation to prior Press operations either in scale or decency
The dirt is deeply ingrained and old . After a rogue ICM Poll showing Major pulling up fast ,Blair claimed, in 1997, that the Tories planned to abolish the State Pension ...he said “There is no doubt that when up and running the purpose of this (Pensions Plus ) is to replace the state pension with a private pension”. This was a gross distortion of pensions reform proposed by Peter Lilley ,which ,until he saw its use ,Blair had approved of .Brown used leaked Treasury documents to claim the Conservatives planned the “Demolition of the Welfare state”. This was more or less invention, as Peter Ridell of the Times said .“ To claim the paper reveals the real Tory agenda is absurd it does not even represent an options paper for ministers “. It mattered not to the Labour lie machine ,orchestrated by Brown as much as anyone
As telling is the work of Danny Dolring and others published in 2002 dealing 2001 New Labour election material . The “What has Labour Done In Your Constituency” , section of the Party web site, allowed local figures to brag about Labour achievements . These showed that every indicator was improving ,everywhere . This preposterous results was achieved by using widely varying time and spatial scales ,(eg. regional if the constituency had not done well etc. ) . It was in other words a centrally controlled campaign of misrepresentation requiring the cooperation of almost everyone in the active Party.
Mc Bride , then is not news, its just 'Dog Bites Man' .It is simply a manifestation of New Labour and its chief architect Gordon Brown .If New Labour started telling the truth , that would be a story .....


Bill Quango MP said...


Police are attending a major pile up in Westminster. It appears that a car containing Prime Minister’s attack dog Damien McBride has collided with the train wreck that is Labourlist. Bystanders witnessed McBride’s career suddenly start to spin out of control, before crashing into labourlist coming from the other direction.
The Prime minister’s own incumbency,that had been following Mr McBride from a safe distance, swerved violently to try and avoid fallout from the disaster and was brought to a gentle halt by the buffers of Liam Byrne and Alan Johnson.
Mr McBride’s position was pronounced dead at the scene, but his travelling companion Tom Watson MP was immediately cocooned in a blanket of lies and airlifted to put some distance between him and the wreckage. Mr Watson is said to be receiving Labour’s best available life support and although still in intensive care he is expected to pull through.
Meanwhile Derek Draper was taken to a terminal illness hospice where his condition remains critical.
Mr Draper was involved in a similar smash up in 1998 when he shot off the rails and severely damaged his livelihood .
The government’s top damage limitation people are working with friendly news services to cordon off and contain the disaster and hope to have some distraction stories flowing again as early as this evening, said Alistair Campbell on his blog.
Business Secretary and head of he clean up operation, Peter Mandelson, has made it clear that a full enquiry will be held into “dangerous, excessive, uncontrolled and outrageous spinning” just as soon as he has read the Paul Staines MI5 file. “We don’t want to say anything to prejudice an official enquiry at this stage, but its clear that right wing elements, possibly with terrorist links and Al Qaeda funding, are to blame.”

Meanwhile in other news there is still no trace of Tony McNulty MP, age 51, who left his parents house where he still lives, two weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since. Police are appealing for witnesses and are said to be “Concerned for this man’s safety. He would not normally disappear from the airwaves and newsprint unless something very unusual had happened to him. Its uncharacteristic”

Newmania said...

I do hope this is not just for my benefit BQ I shall hi to che to and peek . Very good indeed !

Auntie Flo' said...

"Having been lost in the amber afternoons of Dorset ,where the hills curl around the river Brit like an old dog dreaming of rabbits"

Lovely, you missed your calling, Newms, have you ever thought about writing a book? I started one once but it turned out to be so Bl**dy awful that I left it at the bottom of a trunk after three or five toe curling chapters.

Newmania said...

ha I keep tryign to bla on about politics Flo ....you may be right , I should try to write a book

Auntie Flo' said...

With apologiers to the Green
Fields of France.

Well, goodbye and adieu,
Damien McBride,
Do you mind if I sit here
down by your graveside
And rest for awhile
now that you're good and done,
As I dream of the end
for your zanu labour chums?

Your gravestone states
you're McPoison, the swine.
who joined the inglorious
fallen in 2009,
Well, I hope you went quick
and I hope you went clean
Or, Damien McBride,
was it slow and obscene?

Now we're only waiting for McStalin to go too
To join his McPoison
and inglorious few
And we can then party
when you're all good and done
How we dream of the end days
for you nulabour bums

We'll not Beat the drum slowly, nor play the pipes lowly
Our rifles will fire at you
as they lower you down
No bugles sound the Last Post
in chorus
Our pipes will pee over
your dead vipers nest.

Auntie Flo' said...

apologiers? I just invented a new word :)

Newmania said...

Very good Flo

Bill Quango MP said...

That was really good Flo.McBride himself would appreciate those words.

Newmania said...

Bill , did you just invent that ?I assumed it was a post of yours , I just looked and cannot find it .

You have an astonishingly inventive mind ..really quite amazing

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Thank you Auntie Flo', duly stolen

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