Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama and The British Left

This is quite an interesting article about gathering grass roots support and chimes with thoughts that have been gestating within for fighting the next GE. Sadly it comes from that Alice in Wonderland alliance between the Labour Party and the US Democratic Party. Browsing a thread about how this imagined transatlantic community might work together I had this to say.....

The Democratic Party , would , of course , be wonderfully right wing by UK standards so this is all complete tosh, and tosh imagined by the very people who spend their lives trying to reduce the land of the free to the land of the enslaved they inflict on us . Furthermore, it is the constituency that supported the Soviet Union, unilateral disarmament (still does ) ,and tries its best to get us in the Europe corner of the playground .
Obama may be a weak President abroad , the truth is cannot afford to be a strong one , he may indulge a line of tedious septic bullshit, but I am yet to be convinced he has anything in common with the collectivist anti democratic anti individualist European left. I say this because increasing numbers of right wing commentators are alarmed at both the prospect that he may actually be the moon -bat the Guardian portrayed him as . God help us all if he is.Fortunately Americans are less used to being bossed around than we have become , and he would be quickly isolated
Open Primaries
Open Primaries in safe seats are the way to reinvigorate democracy here. We live in a country where the overwhelming majority want immigration controlled , marriage supported ,the end of “Multi culturalism , a long spoon for supping with Europe and the final defeat of the baby boomer Liberal disaster covering useless schools , politicised policing , justice sidelined abortion used as contraception , soviet style crèches et al . On rotting post war edifices like the NHS ,welfare for life I may disagree with part of the broad right ,but if a candidate had to stand up in front of real people we would see the end of the “Progressive agenda “. That is why you ( Liberal Conpirators ) want to replace democracy with PR and let the elite deal in darkness.If you want democracy to breathe then let people have their say and make your case .Stop hiding in a dead carcass riddled with corrupting presumption based ultimately on class .

So jolly well there ...( chortle )


Auntie Flo' said...

I'm up and down like a yo yo on Obama, just can't make up my mind about him. One thing I am reasonably sure of though is that he will almost certainly end up as reviled as most other US presidents - those, that is, who were'nt deified following assassination.

And on that grim topic, I was a more than a little taken aback when I first glanced at the cartoon of Obama in the Times today. Have you seen it?

Newmania said...

I feell the same Flo , Mrs. N loves him

Bill Quango MP said...

Yet even on Jay Leno he looks calm, self assured, confident.

Compare that to our own Baby Born, press my arm and I can say a stock phrase, automaton. Comes in ill fitting suit.

If you've seen Tony Blair on the Jon Stewart show he at least looks like the guy in charge. He looks like you could leave him in the office and he wouldn't start breaking things or piss in the plants. Clinton[s] look like leaders. Act like leaders, sound like leaders. Its all Bull I know but we haven't even got that.
Just a vague sense of unease that Gordon's going to be photographed at the G20 with his hand in Merkel's handbag or his flies undone or shoes on the wrong feet or something.

Its just so embarrassing.

Newmania said...

Arf arf ...its all going on quite close to me BQ I could go and throw some blue custard I suppose ...( or have a barbecue ...yes I think the latter)

Anonymous said...

I personally would like all politicians to go away. And commit suicide. Thats all...

Newmania said...

Hallo Mut , hope all well may be right i may go back to being boring about music instead

asquith said...

I am quite worried about the stimulus (though I overall support it & think it is reasonably well written & may work), but I've got positive overall views of Obama. His economic policies may turn out bad, but his appointees, especially in scientific roles, are utterly top-notch & a welcome improvement over Bush's appointees. They will bring lasting change which will outlive his presidency.

I have been reading about what he has done that has not had much attention drawn to it, such as his removal of the Bush administration's ban on funding for agencies that support contraception/abortion. I regard this as a massive step forward in humanitarian terms.

Of course, social conservatives & other such will view it all as disaster staring us in the face, but my values are different to theirs so obviously what's good for me is shite for them.

I believe America will become much more socially liberal under Obama as people are accepting towards gay marriage, marijuana use & that. The poison of the culture wars is being lanced. Even if Obama were just a symbol, & I think he's more, this would be a great achievement. Didn't Orwell tell us we need gestures as much as concrete policies?

Even if Obama loses popularity, which he probably will, he will keep pragmatic "supporters" like me who are not luvvies, & do not join personality cults, but simply think he is better than anything the Republicans can "offer". The GOP will go through the mincing machine.

Right-wing America will be back, & good. The Republicans will revive at some stage, even if it takes until 2016 or 2020. BUT it will be along free-market, libertarian lines, not neocon or theocon. They will accept Obama's social liberalism. He will go too far along interventionist (though not socialist) lines, & Goldwater, Reagan-style conservatism will bounce back as a response.

I might even support the Republicans at this stage. I'd rather vote for Ronald Reagan than some knobsack like Ted Kennedy. But as I said, it will take time for the GOP to sort themselves out.

I am not going to lick on Obama's ring. He is doing a hard job, generally quite well, & as much as he may be making mistakes the long-term changes which will be wrought are good.

The losers will be the Religious Reich. But if American right-whingers accept that evolution happened & there's nothing wrong with being gay, it will be better for them, for the USA & for us.

I do think, however, that it is unfair to compare Obama to Blair. He is cleverer & more rational.

Newmania said...

America already is socially Liberal . He wants to impose that on people who do not wnat to be. I am horrified by the debts he is assumign and his weakness abroad

Anonymous said...

I didnt mean you Mr N!! I seem to have been making stupid comments all round these last few days. I am very well. I was in Lewes the other day mate- - I trust you are all ok?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"On rotting post war edifices like the NHS " Kindly add the BBC and the Planning System based on Zoning which is the cause of traffic congestion and the 'rush hour'.

Newmania said...

It never occurred to me you meant me Mut... jeez I hope I don`t sound that pompous . All fine thanks . just the daily Calpol Nappies and commuting life

Newmania said...

I have done alot on the BBC on the past Mr. Its Either and I agree . I would like it cut back to two channels out of the internet and ...etc.

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