Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Rules

Let me not endanger anyone’s nervous system and assure you that the story I am about to tell has a happy ending the newly named ‘Calpol kid ‘ , is unharmed and healthy , just so you know , but this was not clear until later .
At 9.30 AM yesterday ,I got a call for our neighbour telling me that our eldest , at three , had been rushed to hospital in an ambulance having drunk ‘something’ . I felt my stomach lurch and ice fall over my arms , my legs shook . I stood up and wandered aimlessly trying to get Mrs. N on the phone , they should be at Brighton by now .....

....Odd things strike you about the two murdered soldiers .One was good footballer , both seems fine fellows and up for “Banter” .One of the mothers had to be admitted to hospital herself .The two sons who evidently had so much about them to make their parents proud , gone in an instant . Then there was poor Kaye Carrol who used such a striking phrase ,” A good husband has been taken away from me .” A good husband “, how that speaks of ordinary days and ordinary happiness . He was lured into trap rushing to help a “Frightened woman” and shot in the head .

...In the ambulance it was so hot and without windows Mrs N`s anxiety and travel sickness over came her and she felt faint . The ambulance crew reassured her and told her they had a Doctor in ‘here’ the other day who was so sick they had to do his job for him.... She was unable to call me her back was in agony from rushing around with the twins and their paraphernalia , our neighbour had them ...

By 10.30 AM I got a call and all was well , the Calpol kid , had somehow opened the child lid and consumed an entire bottle he was taken in as a precaution . At his weight, the hospital staff quickly said , there was nothing to worry about. Calpol is only very weak anyway Thank god , I felt foolish but thank god .

New Rules
I shall appreciate how lucky I am
I shall appreciate the British troops and Police that keep us all safe
I shall move all and any bottles into unreachable positions


Auntie Flo' said...

Poor you, poor Mrs N and poor babby n! I'm so glad that 'calpol kid' is ok now.

JT/AL said...

So glad he's OK and all's well. I shall take note. Best wishes to you all.

Newmania said...


Newmania said...

( Double thanks and hope all well JT /AL)

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