Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Contortionistas

Rather an interesting article by Nick Cohen here about the way Liberal Muslims have been betrayed by the left , it was in the Observer on Sunday and I missed it . Worth reading here is a bit .....
"...Jack Straw and Gordon Brown engage in serpentine contortions as they attempt to cover all bases and keep potential voters in Labour's innercity seats happy. In the confusion between the principled position of Blears and the desire of her colleagues and the civil service to appease, the government has created a "tackling violent extremism" strategy that panders to extremists."

(Cohen has been condemned by the usual suspects )


asquith said...

I've had my differences with Nick Coehn, but it can hardly be denied that liberal Muslims & apostates have been shamefully treated here & worldwise.

I am of the left, & it is in my view essential that we stand by, for example, the Iranian opposition who are secular & liberal, or those who would be the victims of FGM or other fucking barbarities & shit.

There is no doubt that some have totally lost their moral compass & are swimming in a sewer of relativism because they have no confidence in their own opinions, whereas I myself think human rights are universal & a schoolgirl in Pakistan who is denied the right to an education by Islamist filth deserves the same rights as anyone else.

It is also true to suggest that the most vulnerable, including asylum seekers in England, are those betrayed by the excuse-makers.

I am quite undeniably of the left, not the right. (I think many on the right are the same as those Cohen condemns: they just assume there's no hope for foreign countries & they're not worth fussing about anyway, which is the same as relativism to me).

This could go one way or the other. But the majority of Muslims are on our side against theocracy & it is time we worked with them instead of being cowardly & betraying the vulnerable, like.

I do not like it when certain bloggers assume they must always attack critics of Islamism, who must be racist. It does happen, far too often.

asquith said...

This is also, of course, genuine anti-racism rather than the stuff that calls itself anti-racism but is deeply rooted in reactionary shite about any abuse being pardonable as "it's their culture", not that they ever ask the women & children & freethinkers what their view might be or for that matter what their culture is.

Newmania said...

I myself think human rights are universal & a schoolgirl in Pakistan who is denied the right to an education by Islamist filth deserves the same rights as anyone else.

That is where we differ. I do not think human righst are universal in fact I am far from convinced there is any such thing . I have no wish especially to tell othjer people how to live I mostly want them to do it somewhere else

asquith said...

That is because you're right-wing. :)

In practical terms, though, we'd accept that the likes of Ansar Ullah & Ed Hussein should be supported in their struggle (Salman Rushdie too, of course).

I know whose side I am on when I meet asylum seekers who have fled vicious & brutal regimes & are glad to live in a free country now, & when I see utterly pestilential cunts like Rowan Williams, Geo Galloway, etc saying they should be put back under the yoke.

But I am right not embarking on this "Orwell Road" you talk about, as my values will probably always be different to yours for the reasons we have discussed.

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