Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If Only We Could Export Liberals

Cicero`s Songs is a curate's egg of a blog , like a lot of Liberals he is very good on foreigners and their funny ways ,and personally has a real talent for geo -Political questions . On the UK he just spouts the usual Liberal dog eared nonsense and has barely a passing acquaintance with reality . This is no coincidence .In many places in the world there are Liberal battles to be fought , not here, not really. Nick Cohen pointed out the problem, at the beginning of “Whats Left”. Liberals have no cause in the UK , they have won their war and now they pick around the edges of socialism and this or that local issue like slum dogs sniffing at the refuse. Sad really .Nonetheless ,confronted with the threat of a truly authoritarian state however Ciceo S is on tremendous form here . Could history repeat itself ?

The great fear is that Russia is as dangerous a power as Nazi Germany was in the 1930s. Wounded by her terrible history, resentful of her diminished status, the relatively minor challenges that the Putin regime is making to the international system are a potential threat. As the economic crisis hits Russia ever harder, Putin may seek the cheap popularity that foreign adventurism seems to bring him and lead his country into a global conflict. Putin is, in this world view an analogue to Hitler- amoral and brutal and determined to restore the power of Russia, by force

Brilliantly written and argued do please read it . The problem is that the writer supports a Party who cannot decide whether we should retain nuclear deterrent. My solution is an export drive .Send Liberals around the world doing good . The best ones are ,after all ,the heirs to the nonconformist conscience of the 19th century and that is exactly what they did , as missionaries . Here they are just a nuisance


Bill Quango MP said...

Hitler didn't seek war for popularity. He sought war because he believed with all the passion of a hard left socialist discussing class,
that this was destiny.

*The third Reich largely attacked Poland for agriculture. Hitler's model was faulty. He thought the Germans would starve if they didn't expand.

Anyway, when's Obama coming on. This warm up act has been dreadful.

Newmania said...

Yes BQ itsd not quite the same of course , there are some rhymes thought

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I don't suppose that the Russian on the Moscow omnibus has yet forgotten the loss of former USSR territories that are still called " near abroad ", ie, 'ours really'. Even if it's not Putin, an authoritarian nationalist, someone will come along to use that old platform, an eternal excuse for war ( which is why NATO won't admit Georgia or Ukrain as it's All For One policy would be exposed as a sham).

As for liberals, we could well do with some of them back home since Brown and his femme gang are rapidly forcing us into a post-Liberal state ( which even The Guardian is now begining to realise ).

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