Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Good News For Ducks

President Hundal of the Socialist Republic of Liberal Conspiracy is overjoyed “President Obama overturned a last-minute Bush administration regulation that many environmentalists claim weakened the Endangered Species Act. ...”CNN "Whoop whoop" he says.
I cannot share his joy, .... I opined thusly...

......Oh thats fantastic news Obama has saved the lesser twittering marshland goose has he ? On the other hand so far Russia has threatened nations it formerly enslaved, and cut our gas .Iran developed enough uranium for a nuclear bomb put up a satellite. Obamahs response has been weak He has over emphasized Asia and has sidelined the UK by comparison , despite the fact that we are the only people that America can rely on .We have to put up with the nauseating spectacle of an unelected plastic PM creeping around in the hope of some second hand stardust while we are humiliated .
On Afghanistan the signs are not good .As I have consistently said all this bull crap about a new style is really a way of America slithering into an isolationism ( and protectionism) that the Republicans would not countenance. Soft power=cheap, power . The President is proposing not only to turn down his security advisers' request that he replace the presidential helicopter fleet with craft less vulnerable missile attacks, at a cost of $11 billion, but to cut out expensive weapons systems. His budget reduces military spending to three per cent of GDP, the level it was at the time of the September 11 attacks
I wonder if those foolish enough to go and campaign for this light weight fashion accessory President will take responsibility as the world grows more and more dangerous . No more cricket in Pakistan , and next time it will be our team . The flames are growing higher ,and partly because the appeasers keep pouring petrol on the Islamic lunacy. Europe is more useless than ever as it has to worry about its own Muslim terrorists whose threats are quitely incopprated into policy .
The Liberal bleeding hearts never understood Bush .He did not think that it was all black and white it was precisely because it was grey that he had to tell our enemies get in line or else . Obama is leaving wiggle room and with his horrifying debts putting the US in hock to China he is hamstrung anyway .
To think we could have had a war hero at the helm instead of an actor. He may be a better actor than Reagan , sadly he is an infinitely worse President .Not to worry though he has saved the large crested warbler Daffy will be pleased . Utha utha utha uthats all folks !


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's still good news for ducks though, isn't it? I mean, credit where credit's due.

*runs out of room clutching head in hands and screaming*

Newmania said...

ha ha , thanks Mark .

asquith said...

It wasn't just "liberal bleeding hearts" that opposed Bush, great numbers of conservatives opposed him too. You have to ask how he amassed such unpopularity, including amongst people who have never voted Democrat & never would, & ignore the media circus to focus on presidential actions in forming their view.

If it were villages, woodlands & fields near you being razed to house immigrants & plonk down supermarkets, then you wouldn't be so glib about the environment.

Also, recent American foreign policy & continuing reliance on fossil fuels has made a great contribution to insecurity in the world. Prolonging Republican rule wouldn't have helped in the least to make us safer.

Newmania said...

No Asquith , great numbers of Conservatives did not oppose his foreign policy , they regretted its incompetence but thats rather different.
Obama did not win a landslide of votes he won , thats all , although the BBC saw it differently .Obama is pulling out of the world as I said he would

Find a way thats a good thing ?

asquith said...

Obama won by a small margin of the vote, yes, but even those who didn't vote for him are taking a broadly positive view.

I do not lick on Obama's ring as some do (you may have spotted that I am not a luvvie, but I am left-wing), but he is making a fairly solid job of an unenviable legacy as far as I can see. I share the scepticism as to whether it will all work, but we'd better hope it does because the consequences of failure are too shite to consider.

I wasn't 100% against invading Iraq, I can see the point of this surge & I hope Iraq does become a secular democracy & is joined by Iran once the liberals, feminists, secularists & general good types of Iran remove the theocracy from power.

I do have my doubts about this stimulus in particular. But the fact is, as much as I am critical of him, I see no viable alternative. The Republicans are even worse & have no idea who they are or what they stand for.

It is because of the politics of choosing the least worst option that I am a Democrat & would be even if things got significantly worse. It is a shame because Obama does, & will do, a lot of things that should be opposed but the opposition is nowhere.

You may like to read Andrew Sullivan's blog & that on the issue. He is a good mate of mine.

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