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Forced Sex ..

...ual idenities ...
Hanna at Liberal Conspiracy has an interesting piece about sexism . I have rather mixed feelings about the whole subject . Naturally I abhor the lefty wimmin with their dungarees and poor personal hygiene but the popular role models for women are , I agree , offering a degraded menu to ordinary girls
She , Hannah , has a point when she points out that low level assumptions can be harmful. Amazon , for example sells magnetic words for children, with a separate versions for girls A few of the ‘girl’ words: clothes, lipstick, want, pink, makeup, princess, diamond, tiara, party. Compare these to a selection of the ‘boy’ words: monster, racing, moon, helicopter, grass, dogs, forest, swimming, blue. ‘Thank goodness the set excludes any complicated words like Doctor, or Car, or Career, or heaven forfend: Reading. ...” as one outraged woman says . Fair enough

Caitlin Moran in the Times is astonished that strip clubs are still legal ..... "They seem absolutely incongruous in a modern society - whenever I see one, it shocks me as much as if I'd just seen a sign going up saying “Minstrel Show!” or “Jew-Beating, Sticks £1!”. There's a Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road. Tottenham Court Road. To all intents and purposes, that means there's a titty-bar on the Monopoly board....."...
Its an entertaining article in which she revealingly feels she has to tell us she suffers from cystitis presumably to make the point she is not against sex per se . As I say I have mixed feelings and I certainly do not want a strip club in my road . but still what are we to make of the persistence of differing roles fro men and women....One of the first things women did after the Soviet Union collapsed was acquire make up and launch a Beauty Competition. Perhaps thats what many women want ?Do women find house husbands with added sensitivity attractive ? Not that I have noticed and the idea that Barbie is a plot against higher female consciousness will not survive the observation of little girls . I think feminism has to be more inclusive and more positive . A lot of women like sport and that could do with more encouragement, banning pink or even lap dancing is unlikely to change much and is inherently illiberal. A lot of men like clever women with a nice body , no reason why this should not be empowering .
One of the problems women have is that despite their protestations about equality they still refuse to support a man and marry “beneath themselves “ . The extent of childlessness amongst female graduates is terribly sad .It is possible to be very feminine without being ”Girly” or whorish .Smart glamorous sexy knowing and appreciative of men is the best combo. The hideous harridan of leftist anti porn is not the only alternative to a lisping drip.

There has always been a strain of puritanism in the left . From the English Civil war through the 19th century conformists to the modern man hater. The problem for a man is to work out when a woman is attacking sexism and when she is actually attacking sex.


Auntie Flo' said...

"Naturally I abhor the lefty wimmin with their dungarees and poor personal hygiene" could you? That's not very nice, is it? I practically live in denim jeans - and my personal hygiene is excellent, thank you.

I dunno, I'm being attacked from all directions today: Newms, Tom Harris, BBC's Have Your Say, some bloke I'm sure is Two Jags on Harris's blog.

And what have a I done to bring this on myself?


Look what Tom Harris posted:

"Flo - if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were one of those “volunteers” who Tory Central Office instruct to assume fake identities - usually of a “target” voter like, say, a former LibDem voter - and to post on various blogs about how wonderful David Cameron is and “I’m not a natural Tory and I’ve never voted Tory in my life but I think David Cameron is the most amazing person in the universe so next time round, etc, etc..” "

Unbelievable. Can you believe that? The man is implicitly accusing me of ID theft and fraud. He's supposed to be a Christian too, Tom Harris should be ashamed of himself.

Newmania said...

Quite an interesting comment though Flo. I suppose there must be quiote a few people like that who are of a Liberal bent . There are also lot of Conservatives who find David Cameron a properly conservative man.
The way in which he has appealled to Conservative resources to create a balanced central agenda is something I have admired for a long time .

Auntie Flo' said...

I believe Cameron is a proper Conservative too - in the one nation tradition of, say, Supermac. And that to me that's a liberal tradition.

Supermac's family came from a far tougher background than many appreciate. I've traced his Scots, originally croft dwelling, grandfather from the seedy boarding house in the city of London that he and his parents and siblings migrated to, some time prior to 1841, to a shabby flat above the shop where they provided lowly printing services - postcards, that sort of thing - during the next 20 years or so.

Here, just as you see the first stirrings of the business which should have become the Macmillan printing empire, their lives fall apart. Supermac's grandfather dies prematurely and his grandmother and father are thrown onto the charity of an uncle, the founder of the printing business.

During 1881-1891 ish, supemac's father is a lowly schoolmaster living in his uncle's house until, by a huge stroke of luck, his aunt dies and the elderly uncle takes up with a young floozy.

Uncle moves overseas with his chorusgirl or whatever she was, and supermac's father is left to manage the printing business and makes a success of it.

I think it was perhaps the struggles that Macmillan's family endured, coupled with the legacy of horrible injuries and suffering that Macmillan both experienced and witnessed during WW1 and WW2 which made Macmillan a compassionate and one nation Conservative .

Cameron to me has a similar heritage in some ways. His father is obviously a remarkable man who overcame severe disability to live a normal family life and to be a successful businessman. Cameron has developed similar strength of character through his tough family background and his struggle to sustain a demanding career and happy family while coping - so lovingly and patiently - with the severe disability of his son, Ivor.

How could he fail to be a one nation Conservative with that sort of background? I think he's going to be a bl**dy marvelous Prime Minister.

Nick Drew said...

that Gail Trimble ... when can she get here ?

Newmania said...

I rather fancy her , do you think I have a chance Nick ?

Auntie Flo' said...

What sort of PM do you believe David Cameron will make, Newms?

Auntie Flo' said...

Can't believe I called Ivan, Ivor. Apologies for that slip of the brain, Mr Cameron

Newmania said...

I think he will be a good PM but he will have a very difficult time of it . Its a great shame there was such an opportunity and it has been sqaundered

it's either banned or compulsory said...

There was a woman on BBC Radio 4 the other week claiming that male strippers were sexist and demeaning to women. Her line of argument was that the stripper got all the benefits of being lewed in front of unaccompanied women who were drinking and thus lost their inhibitions.
I kinda lost her thread at this point but she ended up with " and it's the women who PAY FOR IT Outrageous !".

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