Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gordon On Tour

Gordon`s big G2 moment approaches .He will address both houses of Congress, and must be dreaming of going out a chorus girl and coming back a star. Its all a bit odd really , I have to remind myself that he is the Prime minister .He has not won an election here and he hardly won an election in the Labour Party . When John Lennon was asked if Ringo Star was the best drummer in the world he replied , “He’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles” ,(Paul McCartney was ). That’s of Brown`s problem if he is going to try and look statesmanlike . Churchill pulled it off but then he was not personally implicated in the problem , which may have helped lend gravitas to his suggestions
Still ,the great Fife fearty will no doubt try to emphasise how much an old Scots collectivist is like the young purveyor of theatrical guff . I`d guess Obama enjoys a European socialist congratulating him on spending about as much an adolescent girl would like like her mother , bedecked in Top Shop finery, insist they are going clubbing together.... . Anyway ,quisling New Labour apologist ,and unsavoury element Hopi Sen has devised the
perfect intro for the great Awk . Its an interesting exercise and a fun read as always
It strikes me that a socialist talking to the States has to plot a delicate course between dishonesty and insult . Hopi has tried to resolve it by conflating the socialists idea of freedom ,( Free to access other people’s money …) and the shared Conservative and US Protestant tradition of the individual owning his own conscience and cash. Its skilfully done , I assume , in that I detest every syllable, although I could really do without the long maundering apology for the British Empire .Do we have to be quite so craven ?

I suspect Americans will decode and re -confirm that if Liberty consists of removing 70% of your money and handing it back in Commie-vouchers ,you can stuff it . I shall be interested to see if Hopi is on the mark , but most people in the UK are actually far less interested in abroad than the Metropolitan media would like. I fear the Scot will remain a chorus girl.
Meanwhile Harperson wheels about the sky over the wounded beast sharpening her talons . Join me please in a silent prayer for her succesful kill. I have thought that Brown was the worst possible choice for a leader but the prospect of the fem-bot triumphing recalls a bit of bard "The worst is not,So long as we can say, 'This is the worst.'Make it so.


asquith said...

I were talking to some BNP members yesterday. They said that their idea of the perfect society is something like Sweden or Germany but without so many immigrants.

I tried to explain (was a bit drink so it may not have worked too well) that I didn't want to live in such a regimented & conformist society. I wanted something a bit freer, a bit messy, a bit shit maybe but something that is ours rather than being a beehive.

They said, in what they thought was a devastating putdown, "What, like Somalia"? I said "No, like Great Britain".

Re: Obama, I am much more positive towards him than you appear to be. I am sceptical about some of his shite, especially this stimulus, butI see it may work. I am there a sceptic, not a denier (that's a good phrase which I got from yourself, though on the matter it refers to of the environment, again my views differ from yours).

I wrote quite a lengthly comment elsewhere which I will just link to rather than repeat it.

That is a right good blog & is the only libertarian I can read (most of them I find very disagreeable, in their values, their policies & "personally").

Newmania said...

Well thanks A , no I am not especially impressed with Obama and I got that phrase from Corydonian .
Funny company you keep ,take care .

( This s only an occassional blog I do not have the time , shame)

Auntie Flo' said...

All I can say is, then God help congress. As Guido says of anyone Jonah Brown comes into contact with: they're doomed.

From Guido's blog:

"Gordon's visit to Southampton is not without casulties:

42 dock workers are to be axed at ABP ... equivalent to 10% of the workforce ... from across all sectors and will include senior managers ... Trade in key areas has “dropped like a stone”... The jobs blow comes hard on the heels of a succession of bad news for hard-hit dockworkers and just days after Prime Minister Gordon Brown hailed the port as “one of the most important parts of the economy”

Auntie Flo' said...

On the question of being on tour, Newms, did I really just lip read Andy Marr say to - an incredibly youthful looking - Roger Daltry:

"You look ten years younger than me. Is that because you do not do the booze and drugs?"

A confession from a BBC media buff at last! :)

asquith said...

Found a new pal for you:

That is probably what Donal Blaney used to be like.

If you want to grow up to be wise & knowledgeable like me, what you don't do is spend your early teens engaging in shite like this.

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