Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The War On Thinking

Mr. Laxton has been arrested for inciting religious hatred - which can carry a seven-year prison term after an anti Semitic rant at a Gym TV
Red Hundal in what is I am sure a well meaning attempt at a sort of perverse inclusive victim-: hood has this to say ...
‘First, I wonder if right-wingers will rush out to condemn the ‘politically correct police’ and defend this idiot’s racist rants. Secondly, there is a opportunity here to convict him under the Race Relations Act and I think it should be pursued.’
I can see that he might lose his job I find it fairly astonishing that because he shouted obscenities at the TV he should face 7 years , I pretty much start shouting at the BBC before I turn it on . Is that really a possibility? I admit I had no idea we had slipped so far down the road to a totalitarian state . Silly man but an actual law , come on.....
The Jews are a good example of how to assimilate generally. The numbers are not so large or concentrated as to threaten the host culture and their Public culture is mainstream.
Its not neat and tidy certainly but if our other immigrants groups , particularly the Muslims were more like the Jews we would be better off .We would not have to suffer endless lectures about how we owe it to them to re arrange our country , prescriptive laws , impositions on our freedom , the threat of murder from a minority , and an unknown number who actually support them .We are supposed to pretend that this does not make a difference but it does. We are supposed to pretend we do not make judgements or have suspicions, but we do . We do because we ‘think’ . This ‘thinking’ is essentially what the RRA is trying to stop by yanking in irrelevant references to pseudo science of the early 20th century so enthusiastically adopted by the Fabians . It is nothing to do with race it is to do with different groups of people..
Orwell put it well
“Till recently it was thought proper to pretend that all human beings are very much alike, but in fact anyone able to use his eyes knows that the average of human behaviour differs enormously from country to country. Things that could happen in one country could not happen in another. Hitler's June purge, for instance, could not have happened in England. And, as western peoples go, the English are very highly differentiated. There is a sort of back-handed admission of this in the dislike which nearly all foreigners feel for our national way of life.”

As the groups against which we cannot 'discriminate' widens to from race and gendre to the Irish , religious groups and even class I wonder at what point this becomes a precription of using your judgement . I do not think all groups are equal and I intend to go on saying so


Alceste said...

Am I not right in recalling that the Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill was defeated? It is not a crime in this country.

Newmania said...

I think Jews and others are deemed ot eb arace to cover it Alceste

Auntie Flo' said...

"As the groups against which we cannot 'discriminate' widens to from race and gendre to the Irish , religious groups and even class I wonder at what point this becomes a precription of using your judgement"

Like you, I worry about this burgeoning mountain of legislation. One perniciaous effect of it is that none of us can live on the right side of the law or be law abiding citizens any longer. And for pernicious laws to do that to us is so very wrong.

There's even a, decidely unworkable, law now which prescribes how we must care for our pets, down to when and what we should feed them. The absurd assumption behind this law is that all animals of a species (genus?) have identical needs.

My two cats, like my two children, are spoiled rotten - I spoil my children in a vain attempt to make up for being an imperfect mother when they were younger, of course.

Well, let me tell you, every day I break the unworkable - EU origin, one size fits all - cat law and I don't give a damn. Cos I aint gonna take any longer. So, come and get me, cat copper!

Auntie flo' said...

That "perniciaous effect" is pernicous too :)

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