Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Public Sector Pigs

As many bankers and their blameless support staff face another year of desperate insecurity the one way bet they were supposed to have made may not feel quite that way to them . Certainly it does not to my brother in law , sister and their family . Meanwhile there is one group of chancers and self promoters who endure no down side whatsoever . The Public Sector .
Take prize porker Clive Briault, managing director of retail at the Financial Services Authority. Now surely if there was one man who should be walking the plank it is him Not quite ...He resigned last April after Northern Wreck with a porcine £356,452 of compensation for lost salary and bonuses, £36,000 of pension contributions and a £202,500 bonus. OINK !

Gasp at sleek sow Rose Gibb, who left her £150,000-a-year job as chief executive of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust just before the publication of a critical report by the Healthcare Commission into an outbreak of Clostridium difficile in which 345 patients died. She got a £250,000 severance package. £174,573 of which was, as with Mr Briault, ‘compensation for loss of office’. OINK OINK
Senior public sector workers negotiated themselves huge salary rises on the basis of comparisons with the private sector and now they want to keep them .

Ian Coucher, fat pig executive of Railtrack, was paid £1.244 million in 2007-08 , a 51 per cent increase on the year before in spite of a poor performance notably havoc on the West Coast Mainline. OINK OINK ! OINK!
At least 88 Public Sector Pigs scoffed over £250,000 a year. At least six councils pay their chief executive porkers more than £200,000 a year and the trough is not confined to the top. An ‘occupational physician’ £105,725 a year, an ‘executive director of neighbourhood delivery’ who snuffles up £120,780 a year , a ‘director of customers and strategy’ £145,000 ( See Tax Payers Alliance ).. Wandsworth has a litter of 18 staff on salaries of over £100,000, including and Thurrock’s director of sustainable communities gets £113,812 a year.....
Now if all this lot were told to take a 50% cut or sod off what do we think they would do ? Meanwhile out of the mythic banking world in the private SME world we live in the average chief executive of a small company up to 50 gets £65000 .
Inf Taken from Speccie lead article


Philipa said...

I was thrown out of my job when it was clear I couldn't do it after an accident and I was basically told 'f*** off' from the public sector. Tis only the big theives and those very friendly (with dirt on) the big thieves that get the big troughs.

Amazing pic.

asquith said...

A rarely told story is that in this recession, as lucrative City jobs are cut off, the most able graduates & that will enter the public sector, especially shite like teaching, for the security.

Given that these people are more likely to have strongly held beliefs & be able to articulate them, being "opinion formers", we could be in for a shift from private to public in attitudes.

That is what you should be worrying about & that. It does conern me too. I wouldn't mourn for the loss of the City boys if they became businessmen & inventors, but how many of those who would be going into sales & advertising or whatever are going into state non-jobs?

Admittedly a lot of private sector jobs, such as advertising, are a bit useless to humanity but at least it's not our money that is spent on them. Good to see top people becoming frontline staff like teachers & that, but I could do without media studies graduates taking jobs as professional cunts ordering me round on the council.

Newmania said...

but I could do without media studies graduates taking jobs as professional cunts ..

I laugh

( Always the way P)

asquith said...

Are they real pigs? That picture is quite strange & disturbing, I don't think I like it!

Newmania said...

They are genetically modified pigs. See nothing to worry about

Philipa said...

Newms I've promised my son I will give up blogging for Lent.

Miss you and your thoughts x

You too Flo x

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