Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Culture of Pants On Fire !

Labour must save its big lies for when it needs them (Sion Simon)
Brown’s lies are bobbing to the surface like inexpertly dumped corpses . The latest from the “No boom and bust" label , to repeat on him is ,“ British jobs for British workers”. This, from the man who has quintupled immigration and signed Lisbon without a referendum.Wild cat strikes are breaking out all over the UK in support of the National interest in response Mandy has re invented “Get on your bike ,” with his fabulously tactless remark
“ Go and work in Europe" . Well it worked for him ...
I daresay many have forgotten the 40 % Golden rule ,.It states that over the economic cycle , the Government will borrow only to invest and not to fund current spending This has long since been consigned ot the waste paper bin. I daresay Brown`s orcs are not permitted to mention it .
Carol Thatcher ,on Marr ,laughed at how many of Brown’s misspeakings have returned with clanking chain and head under arm .For example , his finger wagging at Major …“... a weak currency is a sign of a weak economy and a weak government. …” .True ...true and last year Pound dropped by 23% against a basket of currencies. The fall is sharper than after the 1992 devaluation after Black Wednesday or when the IMF was forced to shore up the Pound in 1976 ,it even outranks even the 1949 devaluation.
It is important to understand that these are not random banana skin prat falls. They are part of a strategy of deceit that goes to the heart of New Labour .To know why you have to go back the the1970s . At that time Mike Yarwood made a living out of Heath and Wilson impressions, and Labour had often been in power since the war. They were part of the weave of national life After Callaghan this all changed . They suffered four defeats in a row and the tactic of relative honesty was tested to destruction . Foot , Kinnock and Smith assumed their message would win honest support . It did not and Labour’s young Turks , like Brown and Blair concluded that the media was their enemy and deserved no quarter . Mandy put it with the endearing frankness he retains…” the media will be our tools , our servants we are no longer content to let them be our persecutors…”
Everything was enlisted into a media war conducted like guerillas with no rules . They felt the media was enemy territory. It requires the assumption of both stupidity and amnesia in its audience , a vestigial trust in public pronouncements works too. It was in the 97 election that the new dishonesty kicked into gear.
Tony Blair in stated ;“We are quite clear that tuition costs must be met by the state“ . Also “Our proposals do not involve raising taxes” ….. Labours `s business manifesto promised no expensive red tape, “ we understand that successful business must keep costs down “. Blair shamefully guaranteed to protect pensions which New Labour have decimated . Gordon Brown was a pivotal player in all of this taking a leading role in ,quite disgracefully, claiming that the Conservatives planned to scrap the state pension . An outright lie . In power ,constrained by the undertaking to live within Tory spending plans Labour began their distinctive tactic of announcing the same money on many occasions and using statistics to mislead.
The Tory lies of Archer Aitken and the like were told by people who misled their friends more than their enemies . Only New Labour lie for the greater good out of sense of the means justifying the and this institutional deceit is far more dangerous . The nearest Conservative equivalent is Heath on Europe who said in 1973 “ There are some people who fear that in going in to Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty .These fears , I need hardly day , are completely unjustified”. He had read the Werner report which correctly foretold a “ massive transfer of powers from national centres if decision “ and he knew precisely what he was really doing .

I imagine Heath thought he was lying for a greater good from a paternalist perspective .Political liars seem to have this in common , a supreme and indestructible arrogance .That , of course is another defining feature of New Labour and Brown above all.


Blue Eyes said...

Actually I am quite impressed with Mandelson's defence of free trade. OK so it's only free trade within Europe but it's better than the kind of nasty nationalism the unions seem to be calling for. I found myself outraged that I was supporting Mandy for a change.

Newmania said...

I am all for free trade BE , but not for unfettered immigration. It is a lie that free movement of Labour is essentil .It is only essential for Europe to become one state

Blue Eyes said...

It's interesting that although so many people *could* move here if they wanted, comparatively few actually do.

Nick Drew said...

claiming that the Conservatives planned to scrap the state pension

N, was that the goebbels-whopper they launched, with studied faux-solemnity, in the middle of the '97 election campaign when Major appeared to be doing unexpectedly well ?

TV coverage of that one needs to be dusted off and examined closely. I seem to recall Blair doing his best biting-grimly-on-lower-lip for the cameras and solemnly breaking the fell news. It was all so contrived, I assumed then that it must have been hatched in advance for wheeling out in an emergency

with the NuLab lie-factory back up and functioning smoothly, wait to see what they're hatching for the next election !

the Tories need to innoculate themselves. My pre-emptive suggestion would be to devise a label for the pre-meditated porkie, and prime folks to expect it

even better would be a TV documentary - working title Anatomy of a Lie - to open up the whole thing. yeah, I know, Dream On ...

it's Sunday night and I am overtired

Newmania said...

Yes I know Nick and it worked

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