Saturday, February 14, 2009

Does God Hate The BNP ?

Yesterday, the General Synod voted by an overwhelming majority of 322 to 13 for the CoE to become like the prison service or the police in proscribing membership of the BNP

How delighted the left are with this and in the shadow of the disgraceful Wilder incident we see the usual double standards .It may be enough for them with their unexamined prejudices to say the magic word BNP and assume universal repulsion ,it is not for me .Once again ,the BNP is the second choice Party of 30 % of Labour voters and according to research by the
Rowntree organisation a choice One in four are considering .
This being the case the time has come to engage with what they say and stop the pretence that there is something uniquely evil about them as compared to equally racist groups like the Muslim community. Not all Muslims are racists you will say , well not all BNP members are either .In fact for the voter it is a low consideration and I would be prepared to bet there are more mixed race BNP families than there are mixed race Muslimcouples or , very likely mixed race Liberals ( who would they mix with?)
Personally I agree that racism is an especially dangerous and unpleasant but the utopian intolerance of the left has been responsible for far more death and misery and it is equally to be feared . Neither the BNP or the SWP advocate murder , we might have our suspicions of both .
Meanwhile Muslims that actually do are happily hosted by this country .The BNP are , they say , leaving that aspect of their message behind and becoming a Nationalist Party. It would not be for me but I can certainly understand the need for a socially Conservative working class Party such people having been disenfranchised by the elitist manipulation of the Labour movement by its Fabian bourgeois careerist leaders
This was a comment I found on the BBC under the article on the Rowntree research
am married to a british born jamaican and have a mixed race baby ,i am white.we live in overcrowded property which the council tell me my children can doss down on the living room or kitchen floor and i have a 10 yr wait for a transfer. meanwhile refugees/asylum seekers over the road waited 2 weeks and got a bedroom each for their children, things like this anger british people whatever their colour .queue jumping.due to bnp promising that this wont happen anymore if u vote for them i can really understand how and why they are getting support…”
What can we say to that ? Were this any other group we would be quick to avoid an undifferentiated group condemnation , why not here ? The part of the BNP people respond to is chiefly Nationalist . The left have no answer to their core allegation that the elite have betrayed the country because it is true .

My hope is to see a mature working class right wing movement develop with which Conservatives can do business .Is it possible , if it is to happen they must eradicate the cancer of racism.


Auntie Flo' said...

"the utopian intolerance of the left has been responsible for far more death and misery and it is equally to be feared"

I second that. Illegal Iraq invasion, it's inherent racism and the lying, allegedly Catholic and Presbyterian toads who are responsible for it, anyone?

Auntie Flo' said...

And I should also mention the inherent paternalist racism of the church's missionary drives to third world countries.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The three-party dictatorship needs a common enemy to make them look democractic, so they are pretty united in their condemnation of the BNP.

I'd guess that hard core BNP members are pretty full on racist, and their economic policies are in fact hard-core socialist/protectionist, as opposed to their voters who are probably pretty normal and who are IMHO free to vote for them, it is supposed to be a democracy, after all.

But this misses the point that the BNP can only thrive because the three-party dictatorship eternally pander to people whose aims are inimical to western society. So the BNP needs to three-party dictatorship as much as the three-party dictatorship needs them.

All very unhealthy.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Word veri: equal

Mark Wadsworth said...

Next word veri: reall

glenn fielding said...

Why did these people quoted have a baby if they couldn't provide for it? I see no reason why asylum seekers should be blamed for their irresponsibility.

I also don't see why they should get council houses. Maybe asylum seekers shouldn't be housed by the state, but nor should they.

I live in Burnley and I see underclass cunts like this all the time expecting to be bailed out by the state, which surely right-wingers are against. That 13 year old chav 2father" was white.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should note that attacking the rights of ethnic and other minorities is a pretty common feature of most totalitarian regimes.

Newmania said...

Thanks anon , thats a good point which has been used to attack the very country that stood alone against Hitler

Auntie Flo' said...

I am proud that Britain is one of the most tolerant and least racist countries in the world.

That's what makes Blair and Brown's knowing and deliberate policy of unmanaged mass migration policy so crassly irresponsible. The diverse and tolerant people of UK are being forced to absorb, far too rapidly, an unsustainable volume of unmanaged mass migration which is placing huge strain on our infrastructure and on all of our communities.

Blair and Brown's refusal to manage mass migration was of course fueled by the knowledge that such demographic jerrymandering appeared to hold out the means of increasing support for nulab.

More importantly, it was the means of creating Brown's inherently unstable house building/ house price/ debt boom. This is toxic Brown's very own North Sea Bubble, as doomed as its 19th century South Sea Bubble precursor.

Nulab's response to the problems that resulted from unmanaged mass migration was to become zanulab: a retreat into increasing authoritarianism, labyrinthine spin, lies and denial. A redoubling of nulab's hegemonic attack on mainstream culture, a plethora of new 'crimes', controls and nulab ideals, such as multiculturalism and deliberately nebulous hate crimes tailored to control us, to keep the public in generalised fear, to shut down debate and to paper over the yawning chasms and social problems zanulab's cultural bonfire created.

It's all too apparent how much damage this nulab hegemony has done to our communities, our values and country. As Cameron rightly says, our society is as broken as our economy.

If the odious BNP gain from the damage our economy and communities have suffered under nulab, and I pray that they don't, Blair and Brown would, in my view, be primarily responsible for that.

Though, like you newms, I can see why BNP nationalism appeals to a section of the public in in the current chaos, yet their leaders and aims are so odious that I cannot see that any party could merge with them.

Auntie Flo' said...

Add Brown's cronyism and criminally irresponsible deregulatory economic policies in respect of banks and giant corporations to his toxic mix of doomed, and now collapsed, house price and debt boom and it's all too plain why UK is in a uniquely desperate position in the present recession/depression.

Brown has deliberately encouraged giant banking and other corporations to form a toxic alliance with the government directly against the interests of the hard working people of this country and against the interests of the majority of this country's real wealth creators: the 99% of companies that are SMEs and our staff.

Around 60% to 70% of the population work for SMEs - the official stat of 59% is distorted by failure to include the burgeoning unofficial economy Brown has encouraged.

Brown has done his utmost to destroy UK's SMEs, partly because he was too bl**dy inept to appreciate the consequences of the ill conceived policies his giant corporate pals encouraged him to introduce.

Brown recklessly deregulated the banks and other giant corporations (his future employers), put his cronies in charge of the FSA and emasculated vital institutional controls - such as that of the old Monopolies Commission which prevented any corporation growing to control more than 25% of its market.

He put directors of giant corporate companies into positions of huge power as government advisers and on government policy making committees. Two of the blue chip supermarkets alone, which control a massive chunk of their market, have/had, I believe, five directors in this position. Lord Sainsbury who, after he retired yet still held a sizeable shareholding in JS, was made a government minister

While mouthing lies about the interests of 'the many, not the few', Brown thereby destroyed essential limits on the corporate power of the few against the many.

All the while, Brown was engaging in an orgy of regulatory red tape creation designed to paralyse SMEs.

Brown and his government are, in my view, largely responsible for the uniquely horrendous mess UK is in and there should be a criminal investigation of that.

Little Black Sambo said...

And I should also mention the inherent paternalist racism of the church's missionary drives to third world countries.
Auntie Flo', you ought to qualify that very sweeping statement. What do you actually know about the subject?

Auntie Flo' said...

LBS - don't like that name, why do you use it?

I only know what I've read and been told.

Here's one report I've read about Christian fundamentalist abuse of African children:

SAFF Review. A BBC2 investigation into how young children are being tortured and abused in Christian exorcism ceremonies

Anonymous said...

Newmania 9:49am - perhaps it is you who forgets why we stood against Hitler - it certainly wasn't so that the bullies and scapegoats of the BNP and their ilk could get their way. You should remember that it was the Tories who were the party of appeasementwhile good socialists were fighting the Mosleyites and the fascists in Spain.

Little Black Sambo said...

Auntie Flo', of course there have been bad missionaries, and bad missionary organizations, but just as we are indebted to the missionaries who came to Britain and then England, so are these "third world" countries indebted to the people who gave their lives to bring the faith to them. Generally, where the missionary work is the extension of the Church (RC, Anglican, Lutheran etc) an immense amount of good has been done, even from the point of view of an unbeliever (although it was the belief that gave the motivation to do it at all). I have worked in New Guinea & friends have worked in Africa; the missions brought schools, hospitals, Christian moral standards for people in public office. The people were often enslaved to terrifying animist religions, the women were kept under, disease was rampant (think of leprosy, for example: who else, apart from the churches, was doing anything about it?). With, no doubt, many mistakes, the churches' missions have on the whole been a Good Thing. Their aim has always been to set up the Church as a local, native organization, part of the world-wide Church. It is what happened here centuries ago.
As for my name, I took it from one of my favourite children's books. If you don't share my taste in children's literature, it doesn't matter - but if you don't know the book, do read it some time. LBS himself is a thoroughly admirable character.

Anonymous said...

Well Iain Dale et al say the BNP are part of the left.

My good friend, a spitefire pilot (with a DFC) say he has no doubt the BNP are Nazis! He was in Germany in 1935, so he knows what he is talking about.

Newmania said...

Flo I like you summary most of which I agree with , I really don’t think you can accuse the Church of racism in remotely the same way as the silly half digested ideas of 20th century eugenics are . Some may have been but if so only because they shared assumptions common to all at the time . Neither can I quite go along with LBS and the notion of saving people from Pagan religions . I think of myself as a sort of Christian but in truth I am more generally interested in and aware of the spiritual and Christianity is my way of exploring . I am happy to accept that others may find other ways so I could not be an evangelist in quite that sense myself

Where I do agree with LBS is that it is quite unfair to dismiss everything done in the name of Christ as hypocritical in some way . You spend n your life going around old churches Flo , I had not relaised you nursed an antipathy to the faith .

Thanks so much for your contributions LBS and Flo

I think on the BNP they are certainly a National Socialist Party I am more interested in the voters than the clutch of peculiar people that run it .

Auntie Flo' said...

I don't nurse an antipathy to Christianity, newms, I'm a Christian. I am not, however, a great fan of fundamentalism or of the vastly rich church establishment or its missionary zeal - all a bit too insultingly paternalistic for me.

I'm also definitely not a fan of Archbishop, Rowan Williams, who wants some acceptance of Sharia law in England. He can get stuffed. If there was any way of sacking Williams I would love to see him replaced with John Sentamu - what a brilliant bloke he is.

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