Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The BNP and British Jobs

The BNP , lets admit it , have some instincts Conservatives would share , Nationalism obviously , patriotism to put it a more respectable way. A dislike of excessive immigration they share with most of the country but more generally a Communitarian outlook that sees a county as a home and an inheritance , not just a car park for travellers .
We would also disagree vehemently . That they are racists , however , is a product of the imposition of multiculturalism on people who never wanted it and were not asked. I think the BNP are out growing that phase although I am sure it contains many racists . That I obviously disapprove of ,but many BNP voters have a very shallow racism .Their children are far more likely to intermarry with other races than their bourgeois judgers and far more likely than the ethnic minorities they supposedly are at war with. Their statist socialist ideas are horribly misguided but not unlike many respectable (ish) colleagues of Ken Livingstone , less authoritarian and less alarming if anything
. Behind this ill digested mich mash however is a real insight .It is that New Labour do not care about them . Ask any Labour canvasser and they will tell you it is this basic feeling that turns people to the BNP .People who neither know nor care about their nutty schemes .
Many of their voters are some time Labour voters of course ( It is the second choice of about 30% of Labour voters ) and I wonder if there is not a grave danger for Labour surrounding these wild cat strikes the EU and the history of New Labour There are few Lefties remaining , for example , who retain a suspicion of the EU. It was not always thus , many on the left fought to keep us out . Now this very EU which has been responsible for removing jobs and whose soon to be unemployed workers it offers the chance to go grape picking in Italy. These are skilled men with homes and families (Mandelson’s arrogance is beyond belief ) That Labour Party that primarily stood for the rights of the British working class was one I at least understood . I wonder how many real bread winners with skilled jobs will be unemployed by the end of the year ; a million?
How are they going to feel when they discover the taxes they have been paying have been squandered on hoards of community-interface-through-face-paint idiots and the Labour Party has nothing for them but Purnell`s ”Welfare to Work “ which means less welfare .Labour have run out of other peoples money. Cameron wanted more from it …but that’s gone now we are all borrowed out .
The Party ordinary working men dutifully funded and voted for wasted the money on exactly the public sector professional who make a living out of idleness immigration and irresponsibility . The very people who have inflicted multiculturalism , the EU and a host of meddlesome interferences . The legal right to discriminate against white men , the preferential treatment of homosexuals by adoption agencies , the outlawing , in effect of working men’s clubs and the destruction of the pub.
These are small irritations , but the sort of small thing that might loom large when you feel the Party you thought was yours has betrayed you leaving you and your family to look for work in “Europe “
If the working class votes splits to the right , it will be following a pattern that has happened elsewhere. New Labour have done all they can to humiliate the Unions, ignore manufacturing , and trample on the country .Their leaders with their slippery disloyalty and inscrutable sound bites may have gone too far. There are deep tribal bonds to the British Labour movement but it was wounded by Blair and is danger of dying .

How many people will be struck by the fact that when Brown said “ British jobs for British workers “ he was lying ,and when the BNP say it they are telling the truth. He was, and they are, and that , difficult though it may be to admit , is a fact.


Auntie Flo' said...

Brown and Mandelson's chilling indifference towards just about everything but their own self interest is now exposed for all to see. This may well, as you rightly suggest, produce a rightwards surge and even a split in favour of the BNP. I hope not because of the spectre of racism that entails, I'd rather see a swing to the centre.

Newmania said...

Well Flo for the BNP to have any significant place it would have to lose its racism entirely

I am not sure if it can. To me its not hard , I suopsrt England . The BNP do as well but not if a black player is in the side . Well could anyone be more English than Ian Wright ?

This is nuts to most people and as long as it is part of the BNP nuts is what they will be to most people

Philipa said...

They are attracting a lot of disgruntle Tories, Newms.

Newmania said...

Well as their constitution forbids the inclusion of everyone in our family except me , I shall not be joining this (tiny )number.

Nick Drew said...

Mr N, you are the best commenter on the BNP extant

(wv, bizarrely, = cityled)

asquith said...

As you will be aware, there are a lot of BNP supporters in Stoke. I meet a lot of them & a few are, in fact, my mates.

They actually aren't much different from anyone else, mostly working-class but then so is everyone in the city. You soon learn not to just sneer at them or berate them.

But what I do find is that, while they're quite reasonable at times, you do sometimes run into a brick wall. I'll be having a discussion with my mate, we'll be in broad agreement, & then he'll say something that I stick at. I also find that they've generally held the same opinions for years, & seem not to have ever examined their deepest convictions.

I have attended BNP meetings as a guest & they were all decent sorts of people. Nick Griffin used to address secret gatherings in Stoke, though he doesn't do so any more as he decided there was no point. Didn't really agree with what he said, but it was far more about economic matters & society than race.

I doubt whether I'd support them as, while I agree with their opposition to Islamism & think immigration should be restricted (though not in the way they advocate) I think they spill over into actually disliking immigrants, which I don't, having met & liked a lot of migrants & asylum seekers.

The problem I have with immigration is that I've seen so many utter twats be admitted, who will never contribute anything to the country & cause nothing but grief, BUT I've seen people who would be assets to the country deported which I was completely against.

I remember a girl of my acquaintance, who was very beautiful & also exceptionally bright, who could easily have been a professional once she had properly learnt English. Maybe her life wasn't in danger, but she should still have stayed on her own grounds (a points-based system, let's remember that many asylum seekers would score very highly on such a system but it isn't applied to them).

It enraged me to think of all the total fucking mongs who are allowed in, that I'd put on the boat myself, but they deport someone who is good.

I started thinking "Why can't they keep the good ones & deport the shite ones"? But I suppose that is because the Home Office are too stupid & pig-ignorant to decide.

As a consequence, I certainly support lower immigration (because tens of millions would move here given the chance), but you'll always make mistakes in who is allowed in & who isn't.

This to me is the hardest issue to decide on. I'm not happy with any of Labour, Liberal or Conservative approaches, & as I said certainly not the BNP as they are against everyone, which isn't appropriate in my view.

Actually, while this is a fairl;y long comment, it's actually even more of a huge topic than this suggests.

Newmania said...

Interesting comment Asquith , I am in no way a sympathiser with the BNP. I think there is a gap for working class conservatives and nationalists but the infection of racism must be purged .
Is it so hard ? As I said when they say they will not support England because it has 'black' people playing they alienate themselves from almost every ordinary person who might otherwise have listened .

Rio Ferdinand , not English ? Nuts .

On immigration I would want it very much lower but certainly not stopped.

asquith said...

I agree with your statement about immigration. A nation has the right to control its own borders, obviously. But how do we decide who we want & who we don't want? I have little confidence that anyone will come anywhere near getting this right.

I have a problem with the idea of "asylum", as firstly it leads to all kinds of idiots being automatically admitted, but it also leads to worthwhile people being rejected if they are not in danger, whereas in fact they are often more useful than most economic migrants.

I would sort of merge asylum with other kinds of immigration & consider each case on the merits of what they can bring to this country.

I do really like all the immigrants I've met. But it seems to me you can't take environmental protection seriously if you want the population of this country to rise inexorably. I would also restrict the building of roads, giant shopping centres, & of course this Heathrow piss.

Additionally, it seems that Islamism is a mockery of liberal values, obviously. I do not vilify all Muslims. There are liberal elements within Islam, but they can only be encouraged by a focus on assimilation & a state which does not hesitate to promote secularism & human rights. We should ignore these knobheads who claim to speak for the average Muslim.

I actually have thought in depth about how extremism comes to be fostered, & a lot of it can be blamed on government policies.


Living in a city like this, I probably see more of the state than you, as there is so much council housing (& ex-council housing: the fact that they used to be monolithic estates has ahaped the culture), so many on benefits & so on.

Partly it is the sudden, rapid influx that has caused problems. But it is also largely due to infrastructure & the poor legacy of municipal socialism.

Newmania said...

I think all of that is true Asquith , but as you also say , we have a tolerant country and it must stay that way. I think its simple , slow the rate to a level that is not a threat and it will all settle down.
I think we can have the best of all worlds and if there was just a little caution and sense there is really not that much of a problem.

asquith said...

Yes, reduce the rate of immigration & encourage assimilation & we'll be able to sort it out without tears. Enoch Powell was essentially wrong in his "analysis", I reckon.

I think Cameron would go some of the way towards removing the boundaries to assimilation, but I'd probably still be berating him for his errors :)

Newmania said...

Enoch Powell was essentially wrong in his "analysis", I reckon

No-one who has read his 'speech' could ever respect him again. A much over rated man in my opinion

Philipa said...

Ah happy memories :-)

It was Enoch Powell we argued over in the pub wasn't it, Newms? I suppose I was being a bit of a minx there.

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