Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blears Attacks Lefty Posturing

This is an exert from the text of a speech delivered this evening by Hazel Blears at the London School of Economics on the 25th. She is criticising the left for closing down debates and fostering a culture of lies policed by political correctness :...Nice to have you aboard Hazel if very very late

“The left, in particular, must be vigilant. The liberal-left is historically concerned for the underdog, for oppressed peoples, for taking a stand against racism and imperialism. It is part of our political DNA. The problem today is that these valid concerns can be mutated into support for causes and organisations which are fiercely anti-liberal and populated by people whose hearts are filled with misogyny, homophobia and Jew-hatred.
It leads to British democrats who are sickened by the sight of the suffering of the Palestinian people allying themselves with people who advocate the violent destruction of an entire nation-state, a member of the United Nations, who believe that Jews were behind 9/11 and fled the twin towers before the attacks, and who believe there is a global conspiracy guiding the world’s economy. Strange bedfellows indeed.
Liberals’ pathological fear of being branded ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ can lead to ideological contortions: condoning or even forming alliances with groups which are socially conservative, homophobic, Anti-Semitic, and violent towards women.
There are some who say that it is a form of racism or imperialism to disagree with what they see as cultural attitudes and practices. I say: the values which put all humans on an equal footing, with equal rights for all, are not western values, they are human values. Therefore it is right that we stand up against violence towards women, for example, whether it is sanctioned or encouraged by religious and cultural leaders or not. There is a line when respect for other cultures is crossed, and a universal morality should kick in.
Let me put it another way. This country is proud of its tradition of fair play and good manners, welcoming of diversity, tolerant of others. This is a great strength.
But the pendulum has swung too far. The quality of debate about religion in contemporary life - and by religion, I mean all faiths - is being sapped by a creeping oversensitivity.”


david cameron's forehead said...

I agree with everything Blears said, but I continue to view her as a twat. I am disappointed because she actually is working-class, but has forgotten the sense that was instilled into her in Salford.

New Labour's talk means nothing. Look at all these initiatives they talk about. As a council tenant, I saw red when I heard the shite Caroline Flint was spouting when she was housing minister, until I realised that it's actually just her mouthing off to please the tabloids & will never come to anything.

There's an issue over irresponsible use of language, & Blears is one of the worst offenders with her other comments such as about the "white working class". But the whole point is it means nothing. Phil Woolas' comments don't add up to anything & I doubt whether Workhouse James Purnell's do.

This is a very sensible speech. But don't expect Blears to do owt. She is part of the government which excluded Geert Wilders. Now, I do not share Wilders' opinions, but I want to hear him speak on the same platform as Muslims & true liberals so we can decide what we're into.

It's always the same. Just as Brown's attempts to blame bankers will fail, as bankers were only ever doing what Brown encouraged them to do, & Fred Goodwin & pals are no different. If I were a City boy, I too would mock the taxpayer & take what I could get, sneering at Brown's failure to act along the way. The overclass, like the underclass, respond rationally to incentives. You can find them reprehensible as people, but they are just taking what the state gives them.

I personally view myself as left-wing & I have nothing at all to do with apologists for Islamism. I hate the people Blears talks about. I hope their numbers will reduced as we rediscover what we realise why we are left-wing: it is because we support these Iranian women who are rising up against theocracy, or the girls in Pakistan who want to go to school, or those Africans such as Rugiatu Turay who take their stand against FGM.

Went off on one & that. But the moral is never to like Blears or any of their pals.

Auntie Flo' said...

Hazel Blears, the phoney - non-government- minister outrageously paid around £300,000 a year in salary and tax free expenses by hard working tax payers solely for her role as Labour Party Chair calls for:

"humans on an equal footing, with equal rights for all"

Notice too how the phoney minister who calls for:

"taking a stand against racism"

carefully avoids calling Jew hatred the racism that it is.

I once asked Hazel Blears on her blog why the life of a Scot is worth more than that of someone who lives in England.

Her reply:

"I don't know."

Nope, sorry Ms Blears, you're as greedy, self interested and bigoted as the rest of your lot.

Newmania said...

DCF- I have noticed Blears wolf whistles to the BNP waverers. I have no time for your lefty dreams but I like the tone you adopt .

Flo thats what always been my view DCF mentions Flint and that is excatly the sort of rubbish I took this to be

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