Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Myth Of The Progressive Majority -Archive

Hazel Blears and her team of community action planners have published a report about the attitudes of white working class people in the UK.Blears said that changes in communities could generate unease and uncertainty and needed explaining, otherwise the myths that currently surrounded the treatment ofethnic minorities “jumping the queue” would become harder to shiftThe report found that some members of the white working class felt “betrayed” and believed politicians had washed their hands of them. A lack of “open and honest discussion” about the impact of immigration among politicians locally and nationally had created fertile ground for rumours spread by far-right groups about preferential treatment being given to ethnic minorities.

This is part of a pattern of yips to BNP strays which have a large intersection with the Labour vote and is far from La Blears first offence . Margaret Hodge , being more under pressure , has been more forthright in Barking .There is no reason why a sample of 43 may not be revealing ( 43 was the size of the sample ) depending on what sort of methods are used . In Britain 2008 a psycho social survey was published of 128 subjects who were interviewed over two years on issues surrounding identity . They were white working class subject and lower middleclass .Predictably enough the headline result was an association of whiteness with membership with of a nation/community .The key problems were resistance the integration and perceived scrounging of immigrants
It is certainly not true that the white working classes are racists, they are less so than the middle-classes and vastly less so than BME`.s They are however generally nationalist , Communitarian and socially Conservative .These attitudes are described in Julina Baggini’s exploration of the Philosophy of the English in “Everytown “. Read it , its good .
Labour’s problem is this . Much of its vote shares none of the attitudes of the left except an interest in redistribution for very obvious reasons . This is why dispensations on the death penalty , Europe and immigration are crowbar red into being by a Party that does not represent its voters views at all and against the wishes of the majority . The hierarchical Party structure is used, the commanding cultural heights ,( notably the BBC). This is why the supposed progressive majority to be revealed by PR is a silly lie ( Try finding it in any pub)
La Blears and Labour are concerned about the alarming prospect of losing this shabby alliance and that’s is why Labour cannot ignore immigration which , as an issue has only receded because thanks to mess Brown has got us into we have other things to worry about .

I dream of reuniting the Nation , relegating the “Progressive agenda “ to the minority pass-time its true support merits . I dream of discovering once more the Conservative in the working class as Michelangelo discovered an angel in the marble .


electro-kevin said...

Hazel Blears pays lip service to the white working class. A general election may be in the offing.

I hope that the Tories don't win (with nothing left for Labour to do but spin, it will be spun that the coming crises is entirely their fault.

I want NuLab holding this ugly baby, red handed with no-one else to blame.

Newmania said...

ha ha EK....I know what you mean

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