Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Don`t Look Like Him.....

Anyone who knows anything about me will understand that the fact of mortality is oddly present today. He`s been with me my whole life ( My parents didn't follow that sort of thing )

So farewell then my namesake
Cause of a thousand pleasantries
Well you`ve sort of got his eyes,
I think I`ll call you Steve McQueen,
Did your parents like him then ?'
When I was young , it never stopped
It was like being called Brad Pitt
Lately mentioned not a lot
A salad dressing ? Is that it ?


david cameron's forehead said...

I was at school with someone called Will Smith. He had a hard time convincing new teachers that he actually was called Will Smith, he wasn't just having a laugh.

Generally I hated school, but I suppose that was a bit of light relief!

Daisy said...

i was just at tuscan tony's blog and was posting about this...didn't know he was your could have been worse you know...btw elvis named his daughter after me :)...well i was the first lisa marie dammit!

Croydonian said...

I was at school with another namesake. Hope you make at least 83, mate.

Newmania said...

DCF... I am glad it helped

Really Daisy ? Nice name

C I intend to live forever , not through my work but by sucking the life force out of people forced to listen to me in bars !


Croydonian said...

Attaboy N.

I like the line from Catch 22 about intending to live forever or to die in the attempt.

Daisy said...

yep...i think up until this point hitch was the only one who knew my full real name...

Auntie Flo' said...

It's like the passing of an era for me, part of my youth dies with Paul Newman. I never saw him as a great actor but loved him for his looks. A decent human being too.

asquith said...

Quite so, Auntie Flo. As Wikipedia reminds us:

"Consistent with his work for liberal causes, Newman publicly supported Ned Lamont's candidacy in the 2006 Connecticut Democratic Primary against Senator Joe Lieberman, and was even rumored as a candidate himself until Lamont emerged as a credible alternative. He had donated to Chris Dodd's presidential campaign.[27]

Newman was also a vocal supporter of gay rights and in particular, same-sex marriage."

Auntie Flo' said...

A suspicously orchestrated and cherry picked pre-conference attack on Cameron seems to be under way on BBC's Have Your Say at present. Under the topic:

"Will Tory economic plans get your vote?"

The most recomended responses are totally at odds with the voting on recent topics of this sort by BBC HYS. The most recomended post:

"David Cameron is a human embodiement of a failed bank."

Newmania said...

Newman was also a vocal supporter of gay rights and in particular, same-sex marriage."

I am not against gay rights I am against the special treatment demanded by the powerful gay lobby( on adoption) but actually I have had a really good experience of gay people .

Flo I thought Cameron was superb on Marr and Yvetter Cooper told a pack of lies about B and B

Blue Eyes said...

There was a lad in my year called Charlie Watt. Whenever a teacher asked for names he would say "Charlie" and they would ask "Charlie what?" and he would say "that's right". Made me laugh every time.

Newmania said...

What ?

Bill Quango MP said...

I only discovered recently that Paul Newman was due to join an aircraft carrier in the Pacific at the end of WW2. He was a radio operator in a torpedo bomber.
He developed appendicitis and so did not ship out with his squadron. A kamikaze struck that ship and all of his squadron was killed.

A great talent and individual saved by the fates of war

Newmania said...

Where do you get soem of your stuff from BQMP....absurd that anyone should know such a thing

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