Friday, August 01, 2008

Down With Apart-Height

A candidate fails the black short list by reason of an insufficiently wide nose

The Government has decided to omit the all-black shortlist proposal from Harriet Harman's Equalities Bill.... said a Compass spokesperson” We have long campaigned for a change in the law which would permit political parties to choose parliamentary candidates from a list made up exclusively of black hopefuls.It turned out that the Government was not prepared to include the all-black shortlist proposal in the Equalities Bill because some of the black Labour MPs strongly opposed the idea. awn Butler, Keith Vaz, David Lammy and Diane Abbott are all in favour of all-black shortlists. However, Khalid Mahmood, Parmjit Dhanda, Sadiq Khan and Ashok Kumar are against. Meanwhile, black Labour activists are at a loss to understand how such a small number of black MPs are able to exercise such an influence on Government legislation...........

I think I can help there .Labour have now given up on winning the election and they are concentrating on shoring up the core vote . In these areas they are under attack from the BNP and in general they cannot afford to waste an a ounce of political capital on PC meddling , how they must regret Harperson has her bill at all. There are its true only 15 black MPs out of a total of 650 the. So what? The working classes are proportionately vastly less well represented and in any case the notion that skin pigment is suitable marker is quite worrying to put it mildly .I would like to propose all short short lists and it is seriously quite true that short people are under represented . Its apart-height honest they are, and they have as much in common
By the way anyonejknow how they decide who is black and who is not ? My children are , the progeny of me , ( white) and Mrs. N mixed race ( Bermondsey/Trinidad). Do they operate a"One Drop" rule like the old Southern US ?Or do they test for thickness of lip and curliness of hair ?
Waaiiil I `d just lurve to know you`all

PS The picture is really one of Nazi Pseudo scientists testing for Jewishness


Philipa said...

Scary picture.

And how would one test for jewishness? Under jewish law I am a jew as through the matrilineal line my great grandparents were jews. From Wales actually but that's not important right now. But of course being Jewish is not en vogue. Being black apparently is and may be more so - Barack Obama rules ok, Y'all.

The working class ARE underrepresented. Incidentally so are tall grumpy graduate brunettes. Oh hang on there's Harperson. I may just kill myself.

Raedwald said...

There's one group massively underrepresented in Parliament; capable, wise men and women of personal integrity more interested in serving than self-interest, committed to their country and their constituency, independent of thought and tenacious of mien, who affront at injustice, who cavil at wrong and who would defend the interests of this nation to the grave.

I really don't give a monkey's fart what colour or sex they are.

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