Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blog Standard Office

I once went on a music course at Guidlhall , I was doing my Blues and soul keyboards and something I noticed was the was the endearing self besottedness of singers . The singers scale we used to say was ‘do ray me me me me me me’ . I `m a bit of a Mimi myself and so with a bewildering ability to ignore all the evidence I have decided that a picture of where I blog would be interesting .
At the top you will see the bottom of a blue rosette , in mothballs a bit now , and a picture I once painted of a chair . Looking directly back you can see my keyboards . The filing system ( code name Sisyphus ) which goes from “ Anti Liberal “ to “Wimmin”is above You can just make out two Moses baskets which are about to be traded for cots . The white one has been the resting place of every Newmania since the Second World War


CityUnslicker said...

well i liked the pic

Philipa said...

He's just showing off :-)

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