Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When Did The Great Awk Jump The Shark ?

Fonzy appears in photo op canoodle with The Balls in her majesties Torygraph today. He is actually more associated with the sudden loss of credibility than anything else now, having created the defining image of a show that has lost its way.( When he jumped the shark on water-skis)

Its hard to remember that Gordon Brown ever had a pre jumping-the-shark period, but the moment it all started to go South for me was Osborne’s announcement on Inheritance tax, …or maybe pussying out of the election…..or maybe the 10p tax fiasco ….or Northern Rock,……bribing the DUP……Actually he seems to have jumped the entire shark population of the Pacific. Anyway he is well into the period when Fonzy ‘making out’ , started to look like paedophilia . Perhaps they `ll give Milliband his own show , like the pointless Chachi ….he will never make his Mork IMHO.Woah !
PS Despite all its self awareness the Simpsons "Jumped the shark "a long time ago as well.

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