Friday, July 11, 2008

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‘After sixteen months of often bitter disunity, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Friday staged a “Unity Rally” in the town of Unity, …’
The symbolism of place is not exactly subtle over there is it . David Cameron`s choice of Glasgow east to make his most Conservative speech yet carries a far more powerful message :

Its has taken billions, literally billions to turn Glasgow East into Britain’s human tragedy and national disgrace . Here more than anywhere the progressive experiment is revealed as an evil. Horizontal ties are broken and replaced with the state tit from which 50 % of the working population suck ( Unemployment is 6.7% but incapacity benefit takes it up to 50%).Glasgow City as a whole has a male life expectancy of 71 years slightly lower than the Gaza strip at 72.Take the lush suburbs out and the true horror emerges , in this Constituency life is cheap and lived in no-go areas where gleaming regeneration projects are quickly covered in graffiti .Male life expectancy again tells the tale. Calmachie 64.5,(Uzbekistan 64.5 ), Parkhead 62 (Bangladesh 62 ),Dalmarnock 58 , (lower than Sudan) and Carlton is 54 .That’s fifty four in modern Britain on par with Gambia.

This is the welfare ghetto at its worst , it was here that Iain Duncan Smith was inspired to try and understand and fight broken Britain. It is here that David Cameron at great political risk chose to make a stand for personal responsibility. He said …“We talk about people being ‘at risk of obesity' instead of talking about people who eat too much and take too little exercise. We talk about people being at risk of poverty, or social exclusion: it's as if these things - obesity, alcohol abuse, drug addiction - are purely external events like a plague or bad weather.”

Labour have turned ordinary people into battery chickens stuffed with Pills and unable to walk .It has taken a culture of lies to remove dignity and even adulthood from these victims and it has taken successive weasel politicians frightened to tell the truth to create a third word disaster in the worlds fifth richest economy.

Conservatives have a job to do here above all and the first step is to tell the good people of Glasgow East that they are not dots in some Marxist text book. They are souls who make choices everyday. They are adults that will live with those choices and no-one else can do it for them. That is step one and David Cameron has made it daring the ghost of Major’s back to basics to haunt him.

There has been much discussion of this speech but in my view the most significant thing about was ‘where’ the next Prime Minister chose to make it.


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I've lost your email so sorry to comment off topic.

I thought you'd appreciate reading this.

I'm embarassed by the innitial post which I'd written in a state of tiredness but the responses are simply too good and sometimes too moving to take down.

I know that you like good writing and thought that you would enjoy it.

Here's hoping that you and your wife are coping well with your brood. Sleep deprivation's tough, eh ?

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Set the people free

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