Sunday, July 06, 2008

Big Lies

I am not really blogging but the joy of the left in dragging Ray Lewis down included this remark from one Tim H , “So, it should come as no surprise that Lewis is a Tory. Of course he'd join the party for whom corruption is bread and lying is butter.”
Now the idea that New labour can lecture anyone about integrity struck me as so wilfully topsy turvy that both barrels were required and I duly obliged ...

Ooo look the pygmy tribe have found something their atomic sized intellects can grasp .“ He bad man he Conservative “ …and out they come to play. Yes Tim , that’s right ,that’s all Jasper did in long tenure as a slush fund distributor working in the employ of the Labour Party ,( and for what period has Lewis worked for the Conservative Party …oh yes not at all .). Similarly , Lord Levy did (not )sell peerages , then again the Brown Blair administration really thought there were WMDs and did (not )sex up the information . In the same sort of way, the government has (not) misrepresented crimes statistic ,inflation figures and the national debt by (not) ,creating fake PFI`s to keep it off the balance sheet and ( not) fighting a weekly battle to avoid proper accounting ,by which this , noticed -by-everyone , subterfuge will be rumbled .
I am certain that Balls is (not ) aware that his claims to have delivered top class education fly in the face of tumbling rankings as per OECD. No doubt they did (not) misrepresent immigration as recently revealed ( to anyone who did not know already) and did (not) continue to spout that myth about it being good for the economy ,in the knowledge it was fiction as revealed by Nigel Lawson`s crushing report . I daresay they did( not )tell us that 12,000 people would turn up from the EU , when in fact 600,000 did and did (not ) , defraud the electorate, to whom a referendum was promised on Lisbon …..
But hey we were also promised we were (not ) going to get Brown at all .We were going to get clean government and that …wait for it …were (not) going to have tax rises.. Ha ha bitter ha. I expect Brown did not bribe the DUP to save himself , they probably did (not) understand terrorism all that well .

Consider this three volume novel worth of invention- “Stability through a stable and competitive tax regime and stability through light touch regulatory government “ What a joke , except in his Mansion house speech Brown was not joking , if he had been it would not have been so funny . The Chamber of Commerce said it was costing about 60 billion a year to comply with red tape which everyone in business knew already. Then what about the greatest lie “Prudence “.This ,when Darling will be borrowing about 50 billion ,which is why we are all ,as Boris would say, emerded.
This may be why Labour are (not ) on course to have a rump of 160 MPs left if there was an election tomorrow (Polly Toynbee ) and that’s counting about 50 in Wales and Scotland where devolution was (not ) a scam to count Labour votes twice . Oh and I Daresay the Unions are (not) doing a deal right now to be delivered after the election for their money .After all as Bernie Ecclestone will tell you they do (not) do deals . Brown of course ,as the man responsible for running Labour’s campaign, did (not )know anything about the fund raising.

If lies however have not be told by anyone it was Ray Lewis , if indeed they have been at all. New Labour ,on the other hand , is a lie from top to bottom ,a big lie and whilst you may know Goebell’s dictum “If you tell a lie enough…people will come to believe it “ you may not know the qualification
“ The lie can be maintained only for such time that the state can shield the people from the political economic or military consequences of the lie “
PS Quote nicked from Geoff Randall recently in the DT


Auntie Flo' said...

Well said, newmania, great post!

electro-kevin said...

Unfortunately where are the convicts from the left ?

Until Nu Labourites start getting banged away in prison (as did Conservatives) they can point the finger at the Tories with impunity - at least as far as those not listening to politics closely are concerned anyway.

"They're as bad as each other" is the common lament.

And people are right to say so. They ARE as bad as each other.

Let's take the issue of 'knife crime'.

Why focus on knife crime and not any other manifestation of violent crime ? Both parties are happy to do this.

Because the 'knife' is inanimate and the so the subject can be dealt with without being judgmental about the lifestyle and culture causing it. Cowardly.

Knife amnesties, education in schools that knives are dangerous(you don't say)... all nonsense.

Until I hear of a party advocating the repeal of PACE, the repeal of the Human Rights Act, a return to severe punishment, the building of more prisons and the withdrawal of benefit culture I shall assume that they are fakers seeking power for power's sake and the goodies that go with it.

Politicians are such a pointless and tedious bunch.

Newmania said...

On Knife crime EK zero tolerance proper sentences and no more of that understanding them crap.

A really concerted effort and we could simply retake the streets instead of having to have anonymous disgraceful is it that we accept this situation.

I agree and the second they are in the criticism starts .

Auntie Flo' said...

I agree and the second they are in the criticism starts .

Aw, give them a couple of weeks to bed in, n :)

No, seriously. it's going to take us a couple of weeks (months?) to come down from the high. I'm going to decorate my entire street with old fashioned bunting and non PC posters. YES!!!!

Hi, EK,

Are you telling me you're not going to celebrate seeing the back of these b*stards?

Newmania said...

Nothing dramatic will happen I guess Flo ...thats not the way it ever is in power but over time ... You have to take peope with you and thats where Nu lab got it wrong , it has all been sneaking around and never making the argument .

You end up looking like Party from anothert Planet

electro-kevin said...

Aunty Flo


Cameron has to be the new Blair - the media love him.

OK - so Cameron may be sitting on a secret list of ideas for fear of Nu Lab stealing them but ...

(Violent crime again)
So what if they steal them ? A true patriot would want to see his country healed as soon as possible.

We'd all know that Nu Lab was guilty of stealing those ideas anyway.

My belief, therefore, is that Cameron has NO real ideas.

Newmania said...

Made a good speech about right and wrong yesterday EK ?

Daisy said...

very well stated newmania...
i usually give people the option of me telling the truth or a lie...doesn't matter to me either way...i just am not sure from time to time what they want to does surprise people when they are given the option and to be honest...not all ask for the truth...

Newmania said...

Oh yes Daisy the truth is often the very last thing I want to hear

Anonymous said...

I agree!!

Auntie Flo' said...

Great proposals by David Cameron on MEP's expenses, newmania. At last he's beginning to drag these snouts in their troughs out of their corrupt and over privileged lives of muxury and back to the real world. What a shameful situation we have now where so many MEPs not only defraud the taxpayer but can do so in the knowledge that they will never be penaised for this.

Auntie Flo' said...

out of their corrupt and over privileged lives of luxury too!

Newmania said...

Flo the point is that there was acuture of expenses in the poltical class , persoanlly i am not that bothered but it cannot continue .

Cameron is cleaning out the closet now when Brown cannot afford to.
You wait until the election...there will be sleaze by the buckert kload dropped on New Labour and by the time les bleus will be keen

Thanks MUT

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