Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Labour Play The Race Card Again

In a plan which is bound to be applauded by the BNP's Nick Griffin, Labour intends to drop a plan to make families pay a cash bond for relatives who visit from India and Pakistan, instead there will be heavy fines or the threat of jail if family members overstay.Liam Byrne has just told the BBC's Asian Network radio station that "what we want to do is have a new system but punish people if things go wrong." He was referring to people coming over for family weddings and then disappearing. Byrne said the government now wanted to "make sure that we can just hit people and hit people hard if their family member breaks the rules".

There really are no depths they will not sink to. Racist hogwash about the Poles in Crewe , British jobs for British ( fiction) and Enver Hodge moaning about the darkies on the housing list in Barking ;all nonsensical from an administration which has allowed immigration to quadruple.
The BNP polled 5.35 % across London, it has 55 Councillors it is posing real threat . Look at Stoke on Trent here ten years ago Labour had all 60 seats . Now it has 4 wards in a loss to independent and others amounting to a working class revolt .Or Barnsley where the BNP polled 21%,.Have another look at he Ealing result , by the way, serious inroads were made by the BNP , unnoticed at the time in the crowing about the Brown bounce .Labour’s support among C2 DE demographics was at a lower level in 2005 than the crushing defeat of 1983.
Labour abandoned the working classes on the assumption they have nowhere else to go .The arrogance has been stupefying and now they are paying the price . On immigration it is far too late .Once again they did not fix the roof when it was sunny , only the Conservative Party offers a cap on numbers we can see.
On the Continent the split of the working class vote off to the far right is commonplace and it look as if we are going the same way. As if things were not bad enough for Brown he now has another front he cannot defend. The Liberals in his Parry will not countenance real action so he has to pose. By doing so he alienates Liberal England even more but will achieve nothing for the target ex Labour voter.
This clearly shows we are at the end game .
Labour have forgotten winning and they are about surviving. This in scorched earth stuff and on the other side the Ashcroft money is being switched to the new marginals in operation Landslide

If there was one day when it finally happened this is it

New Labour is dead


never in that carriage said...


electro-kevin said...

I saw your comment on Guido and very informed it is too.

Scorched earth stuff indeed.

The Tory's duty is to point out 'scorching' as and when it happens - else they be landed with the blame when they take office.

As for the many effrontaries against our democracy (the Lisbon Treaty being the main) ought not the Queen be earning her keep right now ?

Or were the republicanists right all along - that she's just a rather spoilt and cossetted token ?

Newmania said...

Allo EK , I do not think the Republicans were right but the Queen is is a symbol of the nation , its not her job to change it . I wish it were sometimes

electro-kevin said...

It's her job to keep it.

I must remind you that it's not her doing the 'changing'.

When clearly her subjects are being denied freedom of choice and democracy ...

Newmania said...

You think with perhaps the assitance of a few friendly generals ..... ha ha

I need kip old chum

electro-kevin said...

I bet.

Not your decision whether you kip or not these days, eh ?

You should have left it a few years longer and your eldest could have taken on some of the chores - grow your own baby-sitter so to speak.



Auntie Flo' said...

You are so right, newmania, nulab's mass migration policies and attack on our country's culture and values are as good as driving a section of the hard pressed working class,and some middle class too, towards the British Nazi Party.

For God's sake, millions of Britons and allies died fighting Nazism. Our parents and grandparents made huge sacrifices and lived through years of hell, to fight this evil.

Yet here we have nulabour, prepared to reinforce British Nazism in order forge an evil regime of their own. So intent are nulab on cementing themselves into totalitarian control of UK in general and England in particular that they have become substantially more divisive than the Conservatives have ever been in modern times.

As you say, scorched earth stuff which will result in the end of nulab, maybe even the end of the Labour party, that's all nulab will have to show to for their sickening greed and corruption, the destruction of their own party.

Auntie Flo' said...

Just saw this on BBC's Have Your say.

Cameron might be inclined towards utopia.

Anyway, better than Browns POOTOPIA.

Must remember that one :)

Auntie Flo' said...

Something for your to ponder during your sleepless nights, newmania - poor you, I had 18 months of that with my daughter, so I do sympathise, I hope you get some sleep soon.

The following's from shadow culture and heritage minister Jeremy Hunt's excellent new blog:

"I was asked yesterday by Mark Lawson which Shakespearean character David Cameron most resembled. This was in the context of Jonathan Freedland's comments about Gordon Brown having the jealousy of Othello, the ambition of Macbeth and the indecision of Hamlet.

I fumbled out that if he had been one of Lear's daughter's David Cameron would definitely have been Cordelia.

But I knew there was a better answer, so asked David at the Shadow Cabinet meeting we had yesterday afternoon.

"Prince Hal of course," he said - and then went on to suggest which member of the Shadow Cabinet was Falstaff. I will leave it to you to speculate who..."

Given that Hal, after a youth of criminal decadence encouraged by Falstaff, eventually matured into a one nation unifier who restored the English language and beat France, I view that remark of DC's as quite encouraging. admittedly, Hal was of course a warring King like his father but that was very much par for the course for Kings of the era.

The one aspect of the comment I'm not all that happy about is the implicit suggestion re regarding who Falstaff might be. That's nonsense, as I've argued on Hunt's blog.

I've also asked Jeremy who he thinks Hotspur might be :)

Which Shakespearean characters do you think have parallels with Brown and Cameron, newmania?

Newmania said...

Oo you do know how to tempt me don’t you. I think I good make a good case for Iago , I was thinking of his off hand loathing of Cassio .Cassio has a "daily beauty" in him that makes Iago ugly by comparison , Caliban is obvious I suppose but \I am inclined not to grant y=the teat awk tragic status even diabolically tragic . So I choose Dogberry , Bottom or better still Malvolio of 12th knight , a character too ridiculous for evil who is hilariously and sadly deluded about his attractions .Do you remember how he wears his yellow garters and leers like a goon having been tricked into believing these to be irresistible to Olivia .

Some have said that Malvolios treatment borders on cruel and I admit Brown is now so pathetic it is becoming hard to watch…then again Achilles whose sulking in his tent and obsession with his servant is played for laughs in Troilus and Cressida.

But overall Malvolio

Cameron is tricky... He is like Hamlet in his intelligence and awareness of "show " Hamlet finds truth in a performance ( The Mouse Trap).

Auntie Flo' said...

Excellent! Here's my one for Brown, not Shakespeare, Beckett, Lucky's speech from Waiting For Godot. Wind it forward to half way through for a dead ringer for Brown disintegrating into his defensive, obsessive diatribe at PMQs every week. This even has an Ed Balls-alike. One week Brown is going to do it this fast at PMQs too, just wait :)

If you can't get it from the link, just search on Youtube Lucky's Speech.

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