Sunday, April 06, 2008

Letter To The Express

I always read the Westminster update with some irritation. Lewes is not , as the Sussex Express sometimes appears to think, exclusively populated by adherents of whatever concoction of mutually contradictory causes the Liberals are espousing this week. Recently Norman Baker’s disgraceful betrayal of the countries sovereignty, by supporting Gordon Brown over the Lisbon sell -out, received a line or two. His opinions on China are of no more importance than mine, and yet we are treated to lengthy hand wringing .
In what is left of Parliament, there are two Parties who might form a Government , and the Liberal Democrats are not one of them. I don’t suppose it does any harm to emote, but by electing a luxury issue, small Party MP, Lewes has decided , for now , it does not want a real say . I for one dearly hope Lewesians will review this position when we are eventually given the opportunity to get rid of New Labour and their side-kick supporters the Liberals .
In the meantime, by all means let us ‘terrify’ the Chinese authorities with meetings in the Town Hall ,it can’t hurt .I would , however , remind participants of Skibbereen. When the Skibbereen Eagle announced that it was "keeping an eye on the Czar of Russia" over his expansionist designs on China’ it condemned the blameless people of this pretty little Irish fishing village, to immortal mockery as a byword for parochialism .
In Mr. Bakers busy desire to obscure his irrelevance I hope he does not make Lewes the Skibbereen of England .


Semaj Mahgih said...

What the F are you doing, Paul? :)

First you have a blog, then you don't.

Anyway, you're obviously in fine form here and agree with the sentiments entirely.

Newmania said...

Oh I just put stuff in that I am writing from time to time, I didn't expect anyone to read it .

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!
Over here in Eastbourne the local press have had the habit of referring to Baker as 'Polegate MP Norman etc". Seeing as Polegate starts on the edge of Eastbourne - it helps the local LibDim PPC no end. I have complained often, and asked the Baker is referred ro with his official title i.e Lewes MP etc.

Newmania said...

Well well , an Eastbournite eh. Good for you .I should have peek at Iain Dale where it appears M Baker got his motion so wrong that it meant the opposite of what he intended.

David Davis said...

Good to see you back.Please just get out of bed earlier, or go later, or something, but don't just clam up. Your particular brand of dry cynical truth about conservative reality is much missed, and I wish I could emulate it.

This ought to tell you that there are people out there looking for your words.

Little Black Sambo said...

Welcome back! Some instinct told me to look at your blog, and there you were.
Skibbereen is actually a fair sized town and well inland - I have just been there. (Or perhaps there is another Skibbereen.)

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