Monday, February 11, 2008

How Do Y0u Solve A Problem Like Sharia

Cassilis is always a good read although he is a bit of “Seeing-all-sides-and-must therefore be right “ merchant. I always like CS Lewis on this when he pointed out there are endless answers to a question until you know the right one and then there is one. Anyway, on the Bishop bashing issue he has pointed out that in a previous Church state row ( forcing Adoption agencies to consider gays ) those who are incandescent about Sharia law encroaching on the secular hegemony felt that religious considerations should take precedence over the states universal edict. I like the comparison because I think it takes us to the heart if what is going on here. I think Mr. C draws some suitably relativist conclusion. I do not . His post is the last and his address on the blog roll . This was my comment :

That is a good insight Cas I can tell because its exactly the one I had and this was what I thought the Archbish might have been getting at !.I recall thinking myself that the state aggressively interfering in religious voluntary arrange nets was a step too far
There are some differences in that the imposition of Sharia law would be controversial in a Muslim country whereas the Christian influence on the law in a Christian one is not.
Ultimately though ,this about the recognition of the ethnicity of the British and their right to have predominance in their own country .The outcry provoked by this ephemeral suggestion is a proxy expression of the betrayal of this ownership by the ruling elite who tend to derive values universally and care little for the particularity of the people . It is also an opportunity for the Labour Party to reassure its nationalist voters who are considering the BNP. So in many ways the Muslims who , by their fascist and aggressive actions have forfeited the PC cloak of darkness are standing for the frustrations on many scores . Meanwhile the real business of betrayal proceeds by the ratification of the Treaty by Liberal lies and Parliamentary manipulation .

Many, I believe , sense a terrible treachery is being perpetuated whilst being to busy to follow its awful details . This stealthy car boot sale of British birth rights is a dangerous way to go as Polly Toynbee points out . The fact is accomplished even as the argument is lost . 2 million foreigners working here , foreign rules imposed , foreign people , Germans and Poles telling us what we can and cannot do ?

Where is the electoral support for any of this ?


Stan Bull said...

Well said, Newmsie. I see Gordo is publicly backing the "soon-to-be-outgoing" Archbishop. GB'll be very pleased with the current furore over sharia.Who is now talking about the expense scandals concerning MPs? All has been conveniently quietened.
Allowing for Sharia law to creep into legal cases in Western countries under the pretext of cultural relativism is not only idiotic, it invites the disappearance of our Western culture.Dr Williams says that Muslims should not have to choose between "the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty". That's where he's wrong. They do have to choose.It's growing urgent that they do choose.

I have lived in several Muslim countries and witnessed the difficulties Christians (and other religous groups) had in practising their faith,which they did at great personal risk.

Stan Bull said...

Of course, the Islamic rulebook does contain the injunction that anyone who converts away from Islam is to be killed...perhaps the CoE should go in for the same approach.

Newmania said...

perhaps the CoE should go in for the same approach.

I can`t see it at my church IT, I`m pretty sure the vicar could not catch me

Stan Bull said...

Always good for a dose of reality:
Join the counter jihad.....

Newmania said...

Onthe blog roll with that one then IT thanks

hatfield girl said...

Canterbury only has a platform because of his religious status as leader of the Cof E.
Then he does a vicious mess of New Labour politics pretending to be talking about faith.
If it had been faith he was talking about, he's unfit to be a priest.
If it's politics then it's none of Canterbury's remit to be using his role to further multiculturalism.

It's worth reading Benedict's Regensburg lecture on faith and reason beside Canterbury's betrayal.

Newmania said...

Benedict's Regensburg

who he ?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you are not in favour of 'bashing the bishop' more with all the wank you are spouting on this blog..

David Allen said...

N, to answer your question: Benedict = the current Pope
Regensburg = his rather controversial speech to his alma mater talking about Islam (last year?)
'What a burqa' and 'bash the bishop' were 2 consecutive days' frontpage headlines about the weirdie-beardie Arch-Bish...

(and don't listen to anon, long may you bash the bishop and spout forth!)

electro-kevin (Chavtastic) said...

The Arch Bish was only telling the truth.

My beef with him (and my reason for leaving the CofE) is his effusiveness with regard to Islam. True Christianity is about judgment, atonement and forgiveness and NOT unreciprocated outreach contrary to what the beardie-weirdie and his acolytes might say.

In many ways sharia law is already encroaching upon us with the tacit approval of our Government - sharia banking, enclaves in which British police turn a blind eye, the acceptance of benefit applications from polygamous immigrants ...

There WILL be amplified prayer calls in Oxford, soon to be followed by the widespread intrusiveness and stridency of a confident and hedgemonic religion throughout the land. The left-wing knee buckles before a brown minority in its characteristically inverted racialism - and so what if a few PC laws are broken ? They're brown.

It would be a wonderful thing to witness - the overlooking of misogyny and homophobia by an elite finally knotted up in its own contradictions - were it not for the fact that this is our country being given away.

Where is the electoral support for this ? Indeed.

When dialogue has broken down to the extent that the other side (our politicians*) refuses to listen ...

* Politicians ? They're the 'other side' ?


electro-kevin said...

"How Do Y0u Solve A Problem Like Sharia"

The problem isn't sharia. It's our own politicians and lawyers which need solving.

Evil of Dron said...

A thinker said,

"It would be a wonderful thing to witness - the overlooking of misogyny and homophobia by an elite finally knotted up in its own contradictions - were it not for the fact that this is our country being given away."

When the little people gain power, they never know what to do with it. They are dim with bloodlust, blind with hate and mired in contrariety.

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