Thursday, January 24, 2008

This Blog is Closed.-

Just using it to visit others do visit those on the Blog Roll all of which are really good


Prague said...

Stuff happens when people retire. Hain's gone.

Newmania said...

I saw ...all that sticking pins inot his effigy brought the bacon home then

Little Black Sambo said...

Desolate, desolate, will I hence and die;
The last leave of thee take my weeping eye.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Paul. I was only a silent reader of your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Paul. I was only a silent reader of your blog. Thanks.

Newmania said...

By anon ,,,still around

LBS I didn`t get that one I looked it up. Sadly for my degree it was possible to miss out the history Plays ....and so........

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Bloody hell. I'm away for awhile, come back and you're gone again.

Colleen said...

I know you aren't blogging now, n, but thought you might like to see this:

Press releases

East of England for a Referendum campaign launched


East of England campaigners for a referendum on the revised European Constitution will be launching their campaign on the Millennium Plain, outside the Forum, in with a giant ballot box, symbolising the wishes of the majority of voters in the East of England.

The local media are invited to attend the launch where East of England Chairman, Oliver Sells QC, and national Chairman, Derek Scott, will be available for interview.

The I want a Referendum campaign has also announced that they have raised enough money to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution in the region.

The vote will take place in elections, where Bill Rammell, Minister of State at the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, is the incumbent MP.

The people of will be asked whether they think there should be a national referendum on the EU Constitution, now known as the Lisbon Treaty, as well as whether they think the

The vote in will be among a wave of referendums in constituencies across the

To carry out a professional poll East of England for a Referendum has commissioned Electoral Reform Services – the world’s leading independent ballot administrator and independent scrutineer.

The debate on the Treaty is now underway in , with the Government hoping to ratify it before the summer. The results will be presented to Parliament and form a backdrop to the Government’s attempt to ram the Treaty through Parliament without a referendum.

Oliver Sells QC, Chairman of East of England for a Referendum, said:

"All MPs in the East of England were elected on manifestos which promised a referendum on the European Treaty. If they don't keep this promise they don't deserve to be re-elected."

“We will be working hard on the ground over the coming weeks to make sure that people understand the importance of the issue facing us. This is a unique opportunity to really push the debate on the referendum forward and increase pressure on the Government. We hope that as many people as possible come out to vote.”

Robert Halfon, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, said:

“Following efforts by Colleen Morrison and others I have been lobbying hard for voters to have a right to vote on the European Constitution.

“Everyone in Harlow and the surrounding villages has a right to have a vote on the Referendum and it is a shame that Bill Rammell promised a Referendum at the last election and has now gone back on his word. The EU constitution will fundamentally affect our rights and have massive implications on how we deal with asylum, crime and a host of other areas.

“It is time to trust the people of Harlow Constituency and let us have a say as to whether the Government should hold a referendum and whether the EU Constitution is right or wrong. This is simply a question of democracy.

“I am glad that we have managed to raise enough money to be able to give the people of ’s views will apply pressure on Gordon Brown to hold the national referendum he promised."

Colleen Morrison, one of the organisers of the campaign in Harlow, said:

"This is simply a matter of trust. I'm no expert but what I do know is that if politicians promise something they should stick to it. Gordon Brown has absolutely no excuse for not giving us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. I believe the people of Harlow will seize this opportunity to make politicians like Bill Rammel listen to us.”

East of England for a Referendum is part of the national I Want a Referendum campaign, the chairman of which, Derek Scott, attended the event.

Mr Scott, a former economic adviser to Tony Blair, told supporters:

“This is an issue of trust. Everyone knows that the so-called Lisbon Treaty is virtually identical to the old EU Constitution that was rejected in Gordon Brown's attempt to run away from a referendum he is worried he might lose is pure cowardice."

For further information, please contact:

Richard Rout on 07711 133 422 or Paul Stephenson on 07725 610 696.

Notes to Editors

1. IWR is a cross-party campaign calling for a referendum on the revived Constitutional Treaty. The IWR advisory group includes: Derek Scott (chair); Graham Stringer MP; Gisela Stuart MP; Mike Hancock MP; Frank Field MP; Kate Hoey MP; Michael Gove MP; David Heathcoat Amory MP; Greg Hands MP; and Nick Herbert MP.

2. For more information on the referendum in please contact Paul Stephenson on 07725 610 696.

3. For more information on referendums elsewhere, please contact Paul Stephenson on 0772 561 0696

Please support Harlow's Referendum!

25 January 2008 11:23

Newmania said...

Thats you Flo isn`t it , I have been racking my brains as to how I give you my address without publishing it.

Devils Kitchen has my address if you were to ask ?

Newmania said...

(Lewes is not at all impressed with the EU and as for not being asked ...don`t even suggest it )

Auntie Flo' said...

Ok, n, I'll ask Devil for your email address. Can you let him know that it's ok for me to have this?

Presumably he will already have my address to send yours to?

Newmania said...

Will do

Little Black Sambo said...

Most amusing to see secret addresses being exchanged in public through a third party. There are new social conventions developing before our eyes.
(Desolate &c - Richard II, and I think spoken by the Duchess of York.)

Daisy said...

i have this saying on a card...given to me by my husband when i was having a terribly hard time about 3 years ago...i look at it every day and it keeps me going...

Stan!! said...

He'll be back.

Stan!! said...

Just like "EU President wannabe Bliar"...they just can't bear to leave the stage.

Newmania said...

Some time Stan but there is a lot on my plate this year

Stan!! said...

You'll be back churning out obscenely long and erudite posts by the middle of February at the latest.
Under camouflage of the NuLab colours, with it's supposed right-wing socialism/pseudo-Toryism, this government is moving inexorably back to 'Old Labour' positions...'looks like I'll have to tough it out here in the Third World a while longer.

Newmania said...


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

what do you mean new responsibilities due in may? Are you to be a father again? Or have you adopted The Hitch?

Either way, best of luck fella x

Stan!! said...

Cripes, he's still not back....

David Davis said...

Dear Newmania
PLEASE keep on writing, even if it's nothing much. WE miss you.

David Davis said...

Could you send me your email address privately? Send it to

I will not give it to anyone.
best wishes for you and yours,

David D

Newmania said...

NIce of you DD , have done so

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